Etoys.Com is a retail website that sells toys via the Internet. It was established by a startup company of the same name during the dotcom boom, but the company went bankrupt towards the end of the boom, after which the site went through a number of changes of ownership, and was acquired by Toys "R" Us in February 2009.
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  • Build it? Buying Niche Media May be Better

    … strategy, promotions (e.g., coupons), and even content development. In 2001, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) acquired online parenting resource BabyCenter for a cool $10 million from near-bankrupt publisher, The BabyCenter website provides educational resources for a community of engaged women on the topics of birth, pregnancy…

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    … to increase their digital spending in the next five years. However, one look at companies like and shows how unlikely it is for companies to achieve success using digital-only strategies. Both companies deployed a lot of online marketing, but none of it offset the missing brick-and-mortar presence needed to tie it together…

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