Event Listener

In computing, an event is an action or occurrence detected by the program that may be handled by the program. Typically events are handled synchronously with the program flow, that is, the program has one or more dedicated places where events are handled, frequently an event loop. Typical sources of events include the user (who presses a key on the keyboard, in other words, through a keystroke). Another source is a hardware device such as a timer. Any program can trigger its own custom set of events as well, e.g. to communicate the completion of a task. A computer program that changes its behavior in response to events is said to be event-driven, often with the goal of being interactive.
Posts about Event Listener
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    …. For the sake of this example, let’s go with Link Click Listener. Add a rule to govern this tag. In my example, I went with All Pages, but if this activity only happens on a subset of pages on your site, write a regular expression to account for those pages. Then hit save. Important point to remember for later: when this listener is triggered, GTM…

    Leslie To/ 3Q Digitalin Google How To's- 15 readers -
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