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    • It's Not Just About Numbers! The Unexpected Benefits of Event Sponsorship

      If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have been to a professional conference or event or two in your day. There’s something exciting about a group of like-minded individuals coming together to gain new knowledge, network, and find that one little tip that can help the marketing or sales team hit their goals.

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  • Liven: Capture and Engage with Every Attendee at Your Next Event

    …. The problem is that it’s often too late. Attendees leave, forget the email address, and you’re unable to connect after the conference. Liven is a brilliant web-based mobile application that changes all of this. I recently utilized the platform at an event I held regionally. The event was free and open to the public, but it was essential that I obtain…

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  • AddEvent: Add to Calendar Service for Websites and Newsletters

    … events to their calendars. Easy to install, language independent, time zone and DST compatible. Works perfectly in all modern browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. Subscription Calendar (multiple events) – easily add multiple events to your user’s calendars by subscribing to a calendar you create. You can even make a change on your calendar…

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  • Get DK New Media’s Marketing Campaign Checklist Here!

    … As DK New Media continues to work with clients on their marketing campaigns and initiatives, I often find that there are gaps in their strategies that prevent them from meeting their maximum potential. I’ve been developing an on-demand digital marketing curriculum with a regional university to help bridge this gap. It’s based on the framework I…

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  • 9 Ways To Streamline Your B2B Events with Event Tech

    … attendees experience, or determine content needs for their future events. 9. Select Award Recipients Awards programs are also a big part of B2B events. Identifying and recognizing industry leaders, for example, is a great way to become a thought leader and establish legitimacy around your B2B event. The challenge is sorting through all…

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  • Are You Getting Bad Advise From Leading Marketers?

    …. Writing About Marketing Does Not Mean You’re a Marketer I can’t wait to crack the next marketing book that comes out. Quiet time spent with a great marketing book expands my ideation and thought process. I often find myself drifting into client ideas and other thoughts while I read, paging backward to see what I missed and writing notes on a pad next…

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  • Selfie Mouse: Get a Selfie Photo Prop for Your Business or Event

    … Mouse for $60 with free shipping. Now your customers or attendees can get a great selfie that promotes your brand with a durable photo prop. It’s fun, it can’t be easier to use, and it can provide a ton of exposure via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other photo-sharing social media network. Check out Selfie Mouse’s Instagram to see all the great ways their customers are utilizing their Selfie Mouse! © 2016 DK New Media. …

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser

    … on a Budget For your event to be a successful, strong promotion is essential. Follow these four steps for to fill your fundraising event. 1. Plan a three-part email series Email marketing should be at the core of your event promotion strategy. Keep in mind most of your supporters need to hear about your fundraising event multiple times before…

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