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  • What Happened at the SEO Summit 2015?

    … Coffee, great food, thought leadership… and more coffee. The SEO Summit 2015 which was held last June 20 was a huge success. The links to download the Powerpoint decks can be found in each speaker’s profile here, here and here. While the videos of each speaker will be available for download some time next year…

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  • SEO Secrets We Don’t Usually Blog About

    … Yep you read it right. This is the topic of our last year’s SEO Summit 2014. It’s been a year since that time and we’re thoroughly excited to finally be able to make the make the sessions of local SEO superstars Jason Acidre, Benj Arriola and Sean Si – public! Webmaster’s Note: You can download all of the videos…

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  • 8 Reasons why you should Attend the SEO Summit 2015

    … not just three speakers. We’re speakers that started up our own products-based businesses and used what we know about SEO to catapult our businesses to success. We’re passing on how we did it in this seminar. 2) The Topics are Streamlined There is no room for “What do you want to talk about?” for us. I’ve been coordinating with Sam and Grant…

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  • 11 Things I Learned Organizing SEO Summit 2014

    … of the seminar: 9) Asking Around before the Summit Helped Using Qeryz micro surveys to collect statistics and gather people’s opinions before the event proper gave me some serious back-end insight. It helped me a lot to get to know what kinds of people are attending the SEO Summit and how I should direct my presentation to cater to that. Here are some…

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  • What Happened in the SEO Summit 2014

    … SEO Summit 2014 was the first of its kind here in the Philippines. It’s also the first seminar-type conference I’ve ever organized with the help of JCI Manila and the SEO Hacker team. It was an awesome time for SEO specialists, small to medium business owners and marketing managers alike. A Milestone SEO Hacker officially started November…

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  • The Most Actionable, No-nonsense SEO Seminar of the Year!

    … So yeah it’s our first time ever to try and organize an event. I realize it’s pretty costly – monetary and time wise. Things can get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. But this is something that we just can’t pass up! So here are the details and reasons why you should attend the SEO Summit 2014. When is SEO Summit 2014? June 21, 2014 (Saturday…

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