• Why aren’t you speaking? (Survey results)

      I believe that you need to speak to get your message out to the world. Yes, you can write, but people get to know you better when you speak. And I’m a firm believer in speaking online because you can: Reach more people Save time and money Grow your subscriber list faster Easily partner with others who will promote you But many people aren’t speaking.

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  • Trends for online marketing in 2017 and beyond

    …. If you forget about your followers, they’ll forget about you! 2. Create experiences You can’t have failed to notice how engaging video is. If you aren’t using video, find a way that’s comfortable for you. I do webinars and record them. Here are some other ways: Create videos with PowerPoint, Camtasia, your webinar service, or your webcam software Use…

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  • Why you should charge if you want engagement and results

    …? As with any series, whether it’s your autoresponders or a course, you’ll get fewer opens later on. In this case, they started at 75% and ended at 48.7%. But that’s still a lot of engagement. That’s because the people on this list paid for a webinar series. If I gave it for free, the open rates would be much lower. This program is low-cost, but it’s also…

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  • How to plan a profitable webinar

    … This year, I’ve been doing a lot of speaking online and it’s mostly been about webinars. That’s because I’m so high on webinars as a tool for getting your word out to the world and also for selling products and services. I’m sure you’ve attended many webinars and wondered how the entrepreneur got so many people to attend and to buy. Many 6…

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  • Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2016!

    … Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe, and successful 2016! To help you plan for greater success, I’m offering a VIP Day to a few people in January. This is a full day of 1-on-1 coaching dedicated to your business. I’ve planned this very carefully for maximum impact. Read all about it here! If you found this post useful, don't miss any new tips…

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  • Anatomy of a webinar with an affiliate partner

    … the webinar How to work with your affiliates to maximize their promotion efforts How to set up the webinar sales page for maximum registrations Where to put the recording How to get the most people to watch the recording (since only about 1/3 come to the live event) How to set up your offer to maximize sales How to write your webinar script so…

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  • You don’t need to be perfect

    …. Not perfectly, but quite nicely anyway. Perfect isn’t the point. So get out there and speak. Record videos. Do webinars. Even sing prayers in front of 100+ people! Do your best …and don’t worry about how it came out. Some people say practice makes perfect, but that isn’t my experience. When a task is challenging, you may never get to perfect…

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  • Using the 3 types of content

    … consumption/training materials to create multiple products. You can change the format or how you sell it. Here are some examples: Use the script of a webinar to turn it into an e-book or report Turn a series of blog posts into an e-book or Kindle book Turn your slides from a webinar into a video (narrate or record it) Take an older product that isn’t selling…

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  • The 4 M steps to change the world

    … Do you have an important message that you want to get out there? People have told me they are finding it difficult to reach the people they want to help, so I started thinking. If that’s you, read on. I came up with 4 “M” steps. Taken together, they are a comprehensive system for changing the world. Mission: You need to decide your goal, what…

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  • Why you should write a script for your webinar

    … I just had a partnership meeting with a colleague and I gave her this tip. She thought it was such a great tip, that I realized I should share it with you. Here it is. When you do a webinar or record a video, you should write out a script for it. Maybe it seems obvious to you, but many people wing it. This particular person wanted to create…

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