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    • Marketing Strategies for Hotels – Acquiring Backlinks

      Marketing Strategies for Hotels Today’s internet-driven business landscape is unique, exciting, and fast-paced, which means that it has considerable requirements for success. Back in the day, newspaper ad space was utilized, flyers were displayed around town, and companies looking to boost profits put special promotions into effect. There is one thing that hasn’t changed.

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  • 8 Ways for You to Create Content that Creates Customers

    … and sales too. Answer “pre-buying” questions with content – Create content around specific questions that you regularly get from your prospects and customers. Create more “evergreen” content and resources – Choose your topics wisely, so your content will not lose its value a few months after it was created. Amplify the RIGHT content with paid…

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  • 12 tips for content marketing from an SEO perspective

    … of content value and in terms of SEO. First of all, by researching your audience and understanding their pain points, you better understand the people who your content is targeted at. Secondly (if done well), it allows you to create evergreen, quality content that your audience can come back to repeatedly as a valuable resource. How-to guides…

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  • Is an internal linking strategy paying off for Mail Online?

    … Combining hub pages for key topics with well-planned internal linking can be a very effective strategy to secure consistent search rankings for target keywords. It’s become an essential tactic for publishers and others, especially when you are regularlycreating content around a particular topic. The risk of producing a lot of content around…

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  • What do content marketers need to know about SEO?

    … content which achieves this will rank well. It will also attract links and social shares, all of which help in terms of SEO. This is why a focus on evergreen content can be a great tactic for content marketers and SEOs alike. For example, a post on SEO basics (since updated) from 2014 has delivered traffic over a long period of time. There’s…

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  • Which kinds of links are most valuable for high rankings?

    … is still in use. Good content still works Writing quality content to attract links is still an excellent tactic. Evergreen content is key to this. The example used here is a beginners guide to the Paleo diet, from the nerdfitness blog. It has attracted links from 800 domains and continues to deliver traffic to this day. Why does it still attract…

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  • 4 Types of Evergreen Content Your Brand Needs to Thrive

    …. As a marketer or entrepreneur who makes a living by creating powerful content, how can you rise above the noise and create share worthy items that add value? The answer is evergreen content, and it comes in a variety of forms. Consider These 4 Types of Evergreen Content Before diving in to the common types of evergreen content, it should be noted…

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  • How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Content

    … multiple channels. For example, if you published a high-converting ebook two years ago, consider making updates and re-releasing as a new edition. In other cases, you may choose to leverage your best-performing content in new ways. Blog posts can become infographics or SlideShares. A great ebook can become a video series or a podcast. Make it Evergreen…

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  • 6 Ways to Improve Engagement With Social Media Content

    … it’s possible that inspirational content could also benefit your bottom line. #5: Repost Evergreen Content Social media moves fast, so if you’re sharing your evergreen content only when it’s new, most people won’t see it. If you have relevant content sitting in your archives, schedule social posts to promote it to a new audience. Claire Pelletreau…

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  • How to Create Evergreen Content for Your Small Business Website

    … How to Create Evergreen Content for Your Small Business Website While nothing lasts forever, some sites can certainly do better with regard to longevity of their content. Unfortunately, many sites today focus on building content that lacks evergreen qualities, meaning that within no time they are obsolete. However, it doesn’t have…

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

    … can retain its value for a long time. So when posting to Facebook, it’s important to create some evergreen content that will remain fresh and relevant to users for a long period of time. The more people engage with your content over time, the longer the lifespan of those posts. #2: Post Quality Content, But Less Often We’re living in an age…

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  • How to Write a Cool Evergreen Blog Post

    … Evergreen content. Doesn’t the phrase just burst with freshness? But this is a bit of a paradox, really, because evergreen content isn’t necessarily new or fresh. Rather, they’re ideas of a sustainable and timeless nature, equally applicable at all times. An evergreen blog post is one that’s as appropriate today as the day it was written…

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