Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of biological organisation, including species, individual organisms and molecules such as DNA and proteins.All life on Earth is descended from a last universal ancestor that lived approximately 3.8 billion years ago. Repeated speciation and the divergence of life can be inferred from shared sets of biochemical and morphological traits, or by shared DNA sequences.
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  • Baking in “Intelligence” to Drive-to-Web Campaigns

    …” to the drive-to-web campaign underscores the broader web shifts. We’ve moved from the “intelligent website” to landing pages and portals, to then “web 2.0.” And now we’re shifting to another form, with the mobile website the primary location, and the ability to offer content messaging to specific people. The website is no longer just a place…

    Marketing Technology Blog- 40 readers -
  • Skype makes a new pitch for the WhatsApp era

    … to use Skype like how they’ve always used it but make it more of an everyday feature.” The first video in the campaign, launched in the U.S. in December, showed how intrinsic Skype was for journalists Anna Therese Day and Gianluca Panella as they covered the global consequences of rising sea levels in the nation of Kiribati on assignment. The second…

    Tanya Dua/ Digidayin YouTube- 23 readers -
  • #TBT LOL

    … enough to start using for those new to netspeak. Meaning dilutes with broad usage Let’s be honest, LOL is completely meaningless today. If you are “laughing out loud” you have to write out “actually laughing out loud.” At best, LOL attempts to convey “I’m joking or being sarcastic.” Is there a lesson here that brands should resist the evolution…

    Sarah Burns/ BoostBlog- 40 readers -
  • Can Data Gathering and Analytics Improve Marketing Strategies?

    … Can Data Gathering and Analytics Improve Marketing Strategies? January 14, 2015 - Posted by Jim Shannon to News In an effort to gain greater insight into the evolution of data-driven marketing and its impact, Forbes Insights teamed with Turn, a leader in data-driven advertising, to conduct a survey of executives across a range of industries…

    Jim Shannon/ Dex Media- 38 readers -
  • Lowest rate for MarTech conference expires in 3 days!

    … the evolution of their platform ecosystems, the marketing management patterns they’re seeing across thousands of customers, and the innovations ahead for 2015 that they’re most excited by. We’ll get to ask them about how marketing teams from the marketing clouds themselves apply their own (and other) marketing technology. These are going to be two…

    Scott Brinker/ Chief Marketing Technologist- 26 readers -
  • Kabam Acquires This Means War Developers TapZen and Magic Pixel Games

    … was an opportunity we could not pass up,” said Verdu, in a statement. “I’ve been impressed at how Kabam has quickly become a leader in the free-to-play games space, and I look forward to helping the team drive the evolution of mobile games into the next generation.” As some of Kabam’s most popular titles have already dealt with major film franchises (The Lord…

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  • Bloggers Best Posts From 2014

    … of 2014 is written by Gianluca, in which he questions the way SEOs are currently thinking about their field of expertise: ” From Semantic to Semiotic. The next evolution of Search Marketing” The way search engines are developing during the past 2 years is sometimes diffiicult to understand if you haven’t studied mathematics, physics and linguistics…

    Samantha Noble/ State of Digitalin Paid Search SEO Mobile- 31 readers -
  • Five thoughts on software

    … wonder what happens if organizations that buy in bulk insist on buying software worth paying for? 5. Most of all, software as a whole just isn't good enough. There have been a few magical leaps in the evolution of software, products and operating systems that dramatically improved productivity and yes, joy among users. But given how cheap (compared…

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 6 readers -
  • To become mind-readers, marketers must first find the right signals

    … the line. But first, let’s look at where we started and what we can do today. Intent marketing’s evolution Back in 2007, apps like Foursquare gave digital marketers their first taste of consumers expressing their intentions — live, online and without filters. These disclosures were a watershed moment for us: We suddenly knew where customers were…

    Digiday- 19 readers -
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