Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993, and it has replaced Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard for spreadsheets. Excel forms part of Microsoft Office.
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    • 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Google Sheets

      Google Sheets is a versatile tool for PPC marketers. Whether you’re using it build reports for your clients, analyze data, or other miscellaneous PPC tasks, getting familiar with some of the lesser known functions can be beneficial. Here are the features we’ll cover in this post: Import Sitemaps Currency Conversions Sparklines Import from other workbooks Check for ...

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    • EXCEL-eralte Your Learning with Hanapin’s PPC Library

      Next week, Hanapin kicks off a week long celebration of Excel in the Excel Extravaganza. The whole thing includes 3 webinars and handy resources on the most essential tool in PPC. It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SEARCH FOR ALL THINGS EXCEL IN HANAPIN’S PPC LIBRARY?? It’s true, Hanapin Marketing has a whole section dedicated to PPC learn ...

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    • Projecting Future Trends In Your PPC Account

      Projecting an account’s trajectory is a vital skill for every account team. You can’t escape it. It comes up when performance is great and it comes up when performance is poor. Despite the demand for these skills and insights, it can be one of the scarier tasks. The uncertainty of accounting for everything makes it easy to doubt any method.

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  • Extracting Text in Excel for PPC

    October 19, 2017 Working with text data is a necessary part of analysis but often overlooked in skill development. This leaves gaps in analysis and adds time and tedium to common tasks. Your ability to work and manipulate text greatly enhances your workflow and effectiveness. Splitting keyword, ad text, or campaign structure allows you to gain deeper insights and find new patterns.

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  • Your Facebook Ads Are Working – Here’s How To Prove It

    …. Furthermore, having an organized GA account is always a plus. Other than that, it is fairly straightforward. You’ll need access to the Facebook data, Google Analytics data, and excel. Plus, you should have a certain time period in mind. In this example, I’m using a client’s busy season, which is around five months worth of data. Step 1 – The Download…

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  • PPC Excel Shortcuts You’ll Never Want to Forget

    …? That’s why we have Hanapin experts Briann Saxman and Mike Matta here to tell you, in just one webinar, all the PPC Excel tricks you need to know. Now the question is, what will you do with all of your free time? You’ll get expert PPC tips like: How to group average position data in a data table All about wildcards and how they can change your PPC life Lots more Excel hacks to help you save time and do more thorough analysis Presented by: Briann Saxman Mike Matta …

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  • Using Excel Regressions To Better Understand KPIs

    … June 19, 2017 A group of us here at Hanapin recently participated in a free 21-Day Excel Course directed by renowned Microsoft Excel expert Dr. Wayne Winston. The course itself felt slow at first, but ultimately revealed several Excel capabilities I’d never known. Most exciting of these, to me, is the capacity to regress multiple variables…

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  • FAME: Exploring Facebook’s Ads Manager for Excel

    … ways? Fortunately, there are a plethora of reporting or analysis tools available for this purpose, with the number of options growing with time. If you’re one who relies heavily on spreadsheets for your data management needs (a common trend in PPC as hinted at by the volume of our articles detailing Excel or Google Sheets alone) then you’re…

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  • 4 Forgotten Excel Tricks For PPC

    … May 10, 2017 If you are reading this post, it’s because you know that Excel saves precious time when analyzing PPC data and you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest Excel tricks. I feel the same way! The problem is that we often forget to surf the digital marketing blogs for new Excel tips because we end up spending any…

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  • Building An Automated PPC Spend Tracker In Google Sheets

    … March 24, 2017 With yesterday’s webinar on efficient data analysis through Google Sheets, as well as Tuesday’s post pitting Excel features in their very own March Madness tournament, this week on PPC Hero we’ve highlighted one of the most important pieces of the digital marketer’s toolbox: spreadsheets! Today, we’ll continue the trend…

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  • March Madness Continues: What Excel Tool/Function Rules Them All?

    … March 21, 2017 In light of the March Madness season it was thought that we could have some fun and review some of the previous PPC Hero articles on the best ways to utilize Excel in order to more efficiently and effectively manage PPC accounts. First, let’s choose the seeds for the respective functions. Their are four regions just like…

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  • The Simple Beauty Of A PPC Bid Template

    … the other platforms I had at my disposal for this account. Back to square one. Here is the truth: sometimes the best answer is not only the simplest but also staring you in the face like, “I’m right here, numskull!” Enter the Excel Template. No, this is not something you have to download. This is not an Add-On. This is simply creating…

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  • Common Data Cleanup Formulas in Excel

    …-ons for Excel to do the cleanup using Visual Basic, we run Office for Mac which won’t support macros. Instead, we look for straight formulas to assist. I thought I’d share some of those here just so others can use them. Remove Non-Numeric Characters Systems often require phone numbers to be inserted in a specific, 11-digit formula with the country…

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  • Using IF & Other Logical Functions in Excel

    … Many Excel users know how to use basic logical functions. However, I’ve realized that many people are uncomfortable combining multiple Excel logical functions into a single large chain. This is the first step to becoming an Excel wizard. Excel Logical Functions List The following is the list of functions that I will cover in this post. I’ve added…

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  • 3 Ways To Segment PPC Keyword And Query Performance

    …, or the impetus to finally break a set of keywords into their own campaign. In this article, we’ll work through a few samples that you can implement today. We’ll first cover two skills to analyze keywords and search terms and wrap up by bucketing keywords by performance contribution. How Many Words Does It Take To Search? Are users relying on generic…

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  • Mastering Excel For PPC: An Advanced Series for Better Marketing Results in 2017

    … Fix These 5 Common Excel Issues To Achieve Pro Status 1:00pm – 1:30pm EST Excel, while a fabulous tool for PPC, is not without its occasional hang-ups – as PPC thought-leaders, who would we be if we didn’t address them? In this live webinar, Account Analyst Rachael Law will ease your mind with solutions to all the common Excel issues, so…

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  • How-To: Automate Data Refreshes in PPT

    … Do you make many PowerPoint presentations throughout the year that include graphs and charts created in Excel? If you answered yes, keep reading to learn how to save yourself some precious time. The layout of each slide is very important in order to properly brand your presentation in the mind of your viewers, and it […] The post How-To: Automate Data Refreshes in PPT appeared first on 3Q Digital. …

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