Excel Tips

  • How To Utilize Excel Data Tables For Better Projections

    … place our revenue formula. Then we’ll select the whole table and open the Data Table menu. Once that is open we’ll choose our CVR cell as the column input, our CTR cell as a row input, and click OK. Excel then calculates all the combinations and delivers a table that shows projected revenue for each increase and decrease in both CTR and CVR…

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  • Simple Tips To Enhance Your Excel Spreadsheets

    … could try, or actions that lead to fewer errors and easier spreadsheet management. Since we just rolled over into a new year, why not start off 2015 covering a few tricks to amplify your work? Use Cell References Whenever Possible Instead of copy and pasting or duplicating your data across the workbook, use cell references in your tables…

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  • Excel Correlation, Causation, and Optimization

    … Excel. I graphed out the campaign metrics by month for 18 months, going from January 2013 – June 2014, and you’ll find them below in the order I looked at them. We’ll start with Impressions: I should *probably* focus my attention on the two outliers. Immediately, our attention is drawn to the two high-Impression campaigns. The red line…

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  • Low Keyword Search Volume? No Problem!

    … to the negatives elsewhere. While the exact or phrase match variants of these terms may not get enough traffic to clear the "low search volume" label, there's a good chance that broad match might catch them. So is there a quick way to audit our negative keyword list for these terms? Well, there is. You can do it with Excel, naturally. Essentially, what…

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