• LinkedIn Salary Helps Users Maximize Their Earning Potential

    … Are you earning what you should be earning? A new offering from LinkedIn is aimed at helping you find out. LinkedIn Wednesday announced the launch of LinkedIn Salary, which includes information on salaries, bonuses and equity data for specific job titles, as well as factors that impact those salaries, including experience, industry, company…

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  • Happy Labor Day!

    … We’ve powered down our computers (okay, we might be checking email) and are out enjoying the long weekend. Hope you and yours enjoy a happy and safe Labor Day! The post Happy Labor Day! appeared first on 3Q Digital…

    Hillary Read/ 3Q Digital- 5 readers -
  • 3QDigital Slacker: How Slack Can Improve Client Communication

    … Many companies use Slack as a communication tool…that’s not particularly unique. What I’ve noticed is that it brings a particular value proposition to the agency /client relationship that didn’t exist before on Skype or email. The core offering of digital agencies can be distilled down to “people” and “process.” The best agencies will have…

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  • How Affiliate Transparency Is Changing Digital Marketing

    … When you think of Affiliate, you usually think of a small channel separate from Paid Search, Social, or Display. Until recently, affiliate monitoring software was outdated and couldn’t track the customer’s complete journey. But as we all know, the digital age evolves faster than a New York minute, and it’s hard to stay on top of all the new…

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  • Crush the Competition: A Guide to Competitive Analysis Tools

    …. If that’s not the case, I will optimize each term accordingly. Competitor Websites Another step I always take is a website deep deep, to analyze competitors’ unique user experience, landing page quality, and service offerings. I like to look closely at landing page copy, website organization, interesting elements they’re using, and distinctive…

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  • SEM Account Audits: A Can’t-Miss Checklist

    … SEM Account Audits: A Can’t-Miss Checklist Posted: 05.24.2016 When taking on a preexisting account, you will first want to conduct an account audit. It is also helpful to have someone unfamiliar with an account conduct occasional audits of accounts, since a fresh set of eyes can often uncover opportunities that team members steeped in the day…

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  • Get your presentation started on the right foot

    … Get your presentation started on the right foot Posted: 05.19.2016 Your first time presenting during a large meeting or QBR can be a bit daunting. One of the most important, and sometimes undervalued, aspects of nailing those presentations is to put energy into preparing a great introduction. This post will cover some of the most commonly…

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  • The Importance of Transparency

    … The Importance of Transparency Posted: 05.13.2016 Transparency. Whether we are discussing transparency in the world of digital marketing or in the realm of project management, transparency should be the base for all of our interactions and work. At 3Q Digital, transparency is a foundation upon which we have built a thriving agency. Our…

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  • Former Client Deadpool

    … Former Client Deadpool Posted: 04.26.2016 Recently, I read that I client I worked with a few years ago “crashed and burned.” To be more specific, they were sold to a rival for a sum less than my yearly salary (plus debt assumption). There were good people I worked with during that engagement, and it’s sad that the company did not meet…

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  • How (and Why) to Create a Whitepaper

    … How (and Why) to Create a Whitepaper Posted: 04.01.2016 Thought leadership can come in many forms, but one of the most common applications is the “whitepaper.” A whitepaper is a comprehensive document that outlines a strategic practice in your industry. Typically, these are given away for free, in exchange for a little information about…

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  • How do you get sensitive content OFF of the internet?

    How do you get sensitive content OFF of the internet? Posted: 03.31.2016 Hey, why aren’t we showing up in Google? I mean, some of our pages are, but not all of them. I searched on these seven obscure terms that are mentioned once on pages buried deep in the site, and we weren’t ranking for any of them. Obviously there’s an issue. We should be showing up. You need to fix that right away.

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  • Making the Jump to Manager

    … Making the Jump to Manager Posted: 03.25.2016 When I was hired at 3Q Digital, I took a hit in terms of title. Sure, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between an “associate” and a “coordinator,” but at 3Q the hierarchy is associate -> coordinator -> manager. I left a position as a coordinator, and came in as an associate. Why? I knew…

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  • The Project Manager’s Motivational Sundae

    … The Project Manager’s Motivational Sundae Posted: 03.18.2016 I’m not going to tell you that food is the best motivator…but food definitely is one of the best team motivators here at 3Q Digital. Effective motivation from the project manager will boost morale and lead to a more productive workplace with greater overall project success. Looking…

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  • Bellwether Brains Revisited

    … Bellwether Brains Revisited Posted: 03.15.2016 Occasionally I like to revisit themes shared in old posts. In this particular past effort, I shared one of my core beliefs, which is that even in casual discourse, people unconsciously broadcast very revealing aspects of their persona that, if properly perceived, can act as very reliable guides…

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