• How To Use Adwords Campaign Drafts And Experiments

      February 28, 2017 Using Google’s Campaign Experiments and Drafts is a great way to test something new with a smaller portion of traffic. Then you can view the results side-by-side before implementing the changes in the original campaign settings. When you are creating a new draft, Google will copy all the existing settings of a campaign and give you a test environment to make changes.

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  • 3 Killer Case Studies on Boosting Sales and Signups With Exit Popups

    … If you’ve read any of Matthew’s posts on the subject of exit popups, you know they’re generating some kickass conversion rates for marketers across the web. But what’s the best way to use an exit popup? Should you try to capture signups? Offer shipping discounts? Reduce cart abandonment? Direct users to high-converting pages? As you’ll see…

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  • Test Update: Hidden Content

    … If a piece of content really important don’t hide it in any way on your page. Display it clearly visible for both users and Googlebot. Key items: Don’t hide important content using mechanisms such as tabs and accordionsIf it must be hidden then use a common framework to hide contentAvoid custom-made, unusual ways of hiding and revealing…

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  • User Behaviour Data as a Ranking Signal

    Join us for a *Google Webmaster Central office hours hangout* :) Add your questions to this event page, this session is open to anything webmaster related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc.  This is a Hangout on Air on Google+. It ...

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  • Negative Impact of 301 Redirects

    … Tuesday October 6, 2015 Categories: Experiments Google+ LinkedIn Twitter Facebook E-mail Redirecting four of our popular blog posts to a commercial page lowered its rankings in Google. Redirected posts: http://dejanseo.com.au/hello-extortion-email/ http://dejanseo.com.au/thin-content-update/ http://dejanseo.com.au/google-update-may-2014/ http…

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  • Experiment Results: Can Hidden Content Rank Well?

    … Wednesday March 18, 2015 Categories: Advanced SEO Topics Experiments Google+ LinkedIn Twitter Facebook E-mail Background Last month I learned that one of our clients had a legal requirement to display a lightbox-style notification prior to allowing access to full page content. We tested performance of content behind tabs in the past…

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  • Link Juice Hack for PDF Files

    … to PageRank of the HTML page, which can then pass it through to the rest of the site. Method 1 .htaccess canonicalisation switch: Header add Link '; rel="canonical"' Method 2 .php header canonicalisation switch: header('Content-Type: application/pdf'); header('Link ; rel="canonical"'); readfile('Choose-Dejan-SEO.pdf'); Test Results Our test URL…

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  • Experiment: Brand Visibility on Google+

    … in an experiment before I speculate any further. Consider a scenario in which Dr. Pete comments on a Google+ post. His photo and a link to his profile are visible in three places: 1. In a sample of people who commented or +1′d the post (visible below the image). 2. In the comments. 3. Post detail flip-side. From any of these areas people can hover…

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  • 4 Free SEO Case Studies You Cannot Afford To Miss

    … One of the things that has helped to make this blog successful are the various case studies I post. People love to see the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff and with good reason, case studies are an absolutely awesome way to learn & grow. Even as an established SEO I am always looking to learn more and pick apart how people do things…

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  • A Closer Look At MOBE MTTB – Live Case Study & Review

    … start the 21 steps. Once you have done that though you can work through the steps at your own pace calling your coach every 2-3 steps. Revealing My Plan Of Attack I have wanted to create a live earnings case study on the blog for a while now. At the same time I also want a new toy to experiment with and test a few things. The idea is simple…

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