• Big News On Small Devices

    … This year Google has been generously handing out gifts to us lucky digital marketers. With extended ads now giving so much more space for creative copy, Google has now introduced price extensions on mobile as the newest member of the ad extension family. These nifty little extensions run prices for products and services in search ads…

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  • Delivering the right information in your ads

    … surroundings.3 That’s why we continue to develop richer local ad formats that deliver more relevant information based on what someone searches for. “Where’s the nearest location?” Last year we enhanced location extensions to show up to three different locations for a business in a single ad unit. This improvement offers consumers the flexibility…

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  • Charge up your phones with call-only campaigns

    … consumers and advertisers.” Josh Leibner Director of Paid Search at Red Ventures, marketing consulting company for large businesses Learn more If you’re currently using the call extensions setting to create call-only ads, you can find details on how to upgrade to call-only campaigns in the AdWords Help Center. Posted by Amit Agarwal, Product Manager, AdWords *Google/Ipsos, The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase, September, 2013.…

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  • Attorneys and PPC – Is It Worth It?

    … a special offer or incentive to continue to learn more about your firm. And don’t just link to your home page. Ad Extensions Use ad extensions to help offer more information about your firm. These are some of the extensions that can enhance your ad. Sitelink extensions offer different links consumers can click on below your ad that link to specific…

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  • Making every character count in your mobile search ads

    … on smartphones to make it easier and faster for consumers to find things they are searching for, while on the go. Starting on October 15, 2014, your ad extensions may show instead of the second line of ad text (description line 2) on your mobile search ads. Description line 2 may or may not show, depending on how well it’s expected to perform. These…

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  • Call out what matters most to your customers

    … Whether it’s free shipping on all laptops or a price match guarantee on smartphones, the more information people have, the better purchase decisions they can make online. That’s why we’re introducing callout extensions: additional text that shows with your Google search ads, highlighting specific information about your products and services…

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  • AdWords Callout Extensions Rolling Out to All Accounts

    Callout extensions are coming out of beta and rolling into all accounts starting this week. This new extension type displays as 3 or 4 extra text snippets typically shown below the ad description body separated by “…”s. Google’s direction on callout extensions is that they are meant to “callout” the unique selling propositions of a brand or its products.

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  • Comparing the Deep-Linking Strategies of Google, Apple and Facebook

    … content across Google properties. Google made its strategy clear at I/O: It wants to be able to search app content and provide results alongside the Web, and direct users into apps if they offer the most relevant experience. The goal is to blur the line between Web and apps and seamlessly interact between them. And as Google Now evolves…

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  • How to Block Annoying, Unhelpful YouTube Channels

    … feature. Install Video Blocker on Chrome Follow this link and download the extension for by clicking on the "Free" button. When the "Confirm New Extension" box pops up, be sure to click on "Add". Once it has been installed, you can block channels in one of two ways. The Quick Method Find the thumbnail for a video, any video, made by this channel…

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  • AdWords Testing New Submit URL Form Extension

    … This new Google AdWords ad features a brand new AdWords extension that allows users to submit a URL to test their tool. I imagine if this extension becomes more widely available, it could be used for things such as “Check a domain name”, “check your backlinks” or “check your SEO optimization score” etc. The possibilities are endless…

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  • Making Your Products Stand Out with the Magento eCommerce Platform

    … looking at the page. There are more ways to look at a product than staring at the original image. Below are a few extensions you can use to change the way you view your products. Colour Swatches Magento actively supports colour swatches. Download the plugin and you can enable your customer to view an item in a different colour. This is especially…

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