Facebook 20-Percent Rule

  • It’s Official: Facebook Text Rule in Ad Images is Changing

    … Back in April, I wrote about a test that Facebook was running that would change the text rule in ad images. For advertisers who have struggled with Facebook’s 20% rule, there will be premature celebrations. While the 20% rule will no longer get your ad rejected, very little actually changes. The Old 20-Percent Rule For a few years now…

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  • Facebook 20-Percent Text Rule: Is It Changing?

    …. Is it really worth it? You’ll need to determine if lower reach and higher costs are worth the additional text. For me, I plan to approach text in the way I always have — less is better. Be a minimalist. Even if there is no “rule,” act as if there is one. Your Turn What do you think about this test? Does it change the way you approach text in images when advertising? Let me know in the comments below! The post Facebook 20-Percent Text Rule: Is It Changing? appeared first on Jon Loomer Digital. …

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