Facebook Ad Reports

  • 5 Ways You Aren’t Using Facebook Ad Reports

    … There was a time when Facebook ad reports were a secret among the most knowledgable advertisers. This goldmine was buried behind sublinks and very few advertisers benefited. But since Facebook redesigned Ads Manager, the ad reports are now front and center. You can no longer avoid them. And it’s imperative you understand how to use them so…

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digitalin Social- 19 readers -
  • The Ideal Naming Convention for Facebook Advertising Campaigns

    The best advertisers are organized. They can easily and efficiently find any campaign, ad set or ad that they want. And they can easily and efficiently uncover little hidden gems about their advertising to isolate what works and what doesn’t. The secret to accomplishing this — to becoming an organized and efficient Facebook advertiser — is found within the naming convention ...

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digital- 32 readers -
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking: Why Aren’t the Numbers Adding Up?

    ….” When a user who was shown your ad on Facebook eventually visits that page that fires the conversion pixel, Facebook is notified. This is how they are able to report the number of conversions resulting from your ad. Understand that Facebook doesn’t naturally know what a conversion means. You have to define it for them. And if you define it incorrectly…

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digitalin Social- 19 readers -
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