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    • Facebook Explore Feed: The Launch, the Test, and What Might Be

      If you’re a brand or marketer, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the Facebook Explore Feed. A recent isolated test has marketers concerned, if not downright panicked. Some believe it signifies the end of organic brand content on Facebook. I have other opinions. Let’s take a closer look at what we know and don’t know about the Facebook Explore Feed and how it may impact you… Fac ...

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    • Facebook Website Custom Audiences Based on Pixel Events

      One of the many benefits of the Facebook pixel is that you can track and later retarget those who perform specific actions on your website. You can segment your audience in very specific ways based on page views, registrations, purchases, searches, and more. Let’s take a closer look at how and why you should create these audiences. First, I’ll guide you through the basics.

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    • Facebook Lead Ads Form: Customize Thank You Screen

      Facebook Lead Ads were launched more than two years ago, and they’ve been an important tool in my advertising toolbox. However, there’s been one minor annoyance with these ads: The thank you screen. That annoyance is no more. Let’s take a look at what has changed… The Old Thank You Screen First, here’s a quick refresher of how Facebook Lead Ads work… A Facebook Lead Ad look ...

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  • New Feature: Facebook Creative Split Testing

    … Creative split testing of Facebook ads just became a whole lot easier with the update of Facebook’s built-in split testing feature. Don’t confuse this update with the dynamic creative feature (which is also amazing). Facebook creative split testing is a great way to run tests to determine your best performing ad without audience overlap. Let’s…

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  • Facebook Ads Dynamic Language Optimization

    …. How to View Results So now the question becomes, “How did my ads perform by language?” You can sort this out within the ad reports. Facebook says to choose “By Asset Type” under “Breakdown” when viewing the ads. It’s possible that I simply don’t have this yet because I haven’t used the feature. But it’s also possible that this actually falls…

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  • Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin: Closed Beta

    … I’ve received countless questions during the past week about the nifty little Messenger widget that hovers on the right side of my website. That’s the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin, and I am lucky enough to be part of the closed beta. What is the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin? The Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin…

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  • Facebook Campaign Goals: What You Need to Know

    You might have noticed an update while creating your ads recently: Facebook Campaign Goals. Let’s take a closer look at what Facebook Campaign Goals are and how you might use them… The Purpose of Facebook Campaign Goals When viewing the performance of your campaign, ad set, or ad, Facebook generates a Results column… By default, this has been the metric you optimize for at the ad set level.

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  • Dynamic Creative for Facebook Ads

    … Assembling the perfect, most effective combination of creative for Facebook ads is a time-consuming process for advertisers. Thanks to Dynamic Creative, that process just got a whole lot easier. Which image works best? Should you use short or long text? How about your headline? Does the CTA button matter? We, as advertisers, struggle with these…

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  • Short Facebook Videos: An Experiment

    … encourage everyone to create videos. But I freaking hate it. We can go back nearly five years now to my New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Since then, I’ve told myself repeatedly that I need to commit to video. I’ve messed with video. I created tutorials on YouTube for a while. I conduct live webinars to my private communities via Facebook Live…

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  • Facebook Ads: How to Create Offline Event Custom Audiences

    … Late last year, Facebook added the ability for brick and mortar businesses to track the offline impact of their Facebook ads with Offline Event Sets. Now advertisers can target these customers through Offline Event Custom Audiences. Let’s take a closer look at Offline Event Sets and how advertisers can create audiences to target these customers…

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  • Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor Combine Into One Tool

    … Facebook announced today that Power Editor and Ads Manager will be combining into one tool. Deep breaths… For those who have used Power Editor religiously for the past several years due to added features not available in Ads Manager, don’t worry. It sounds as though no functionality will be lost. For those who have used Ads Manager because…

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  • Facebook Conversion Optimization: Standard and Extended

    … You have a new product that you want to promote. You create a Facebook ad campaign. Should you optimize for conversions or clicks? Now, you have another option with a new Facebook conversion optimization feature: BOTH. Let’s take a closer look… How Conversion Optimization Works One of the many benefits of Facebook advertising is the ability…

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  • How to Edit Facebook Link Previews

    …. Now, if you click that “x” at the top right of the image, it removes the preview entirely with no ability to replace the image. This is also now the case in the Page Posts area of Ads Manager… Facebook took away the ability to edit link previews as part of their ongoing efforts to combat fake news. Offenders would edit that information to mislead…

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  • Facebook Business Manager: Common Myths and Misconceptions

    … marketing efforts. These various items are no longer siloed in different places; they’re housed together within Business Manager. One Business Manager feature that confuses folks right from the outset is permissions, and more specifically, admins. There are Business Manager Admins, Page Admins, Ad Account Admins, and the list goes on. Facebook does…

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  • Facebook Ads: Create Audiences of Those Who Engage on Instagram

    … Several updates are rolling out that improve Custom Audience creation related to Facebook ad targeting. Most of these updates are related to Instagram. If you’re a business on Instagram, you are bound to benefit! Let’s take a closer look… Engagement Audience Updates Engagement Audiences make up the newer family of Custom Audiences available…

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