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  • Facebook Video Changes – What to Expect

    The world of Facebook is ever-changing. Most recently, Facebook has announced some major changes to their video experience. First on their list is reverting the auto-off sound. Currently, ...

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  • 6 Ways I Use Facebook Ad Targeting

    … Facebook ad targeting is one of the primary reasons why ads fail or succeed. You could have the perectly crafted ad, but you shouldn’t expect it to work if it’s targeting the wrong people. While I could go on and on about the verious ways that you can target with Facebook ads, I thought it would be more useful to profide specific use cases…

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digitalin Social- 14 readers -
  • Facebook’s lead gen ads: why to test them now

    … While Lead Generation ads are not the newest ad type to be rolled out by Facebook, they certainly have their benefits. If you’re sending your users to a landing page to fill out a form, whether it’s for a whitepaper or to sign up for a webinar, it’s worth testing lead gen ads – which […] The post Facebook’s lead gen ads: why to test them now appeared first on 3Q Digital. …

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  • How to Share a Facebook Advertising Audience or Pixel

    … If you are a consultant, work for an agency or ever need to advertise for others — or are a company working with someone who manages your Facebook ads — you may run into the need for sharing a Facebook advertising audience or pixel. As we move forward, we’ll look at this from the perspective of the consultant, agency or entity that needs access…

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digitalin Social How To's- 14 readers -
  • 5 Ways to Quickly and Efficiently Scale a Facebook Account

    … Facebook has gotten so good at direct response and retargeting performance that many clients’ main question is how to scale, not how to make their campaigns more effective. When the time comes to scale your Facebook account quickly and efficiently, here are 5 tips to follow: 1. Expand Lookalikes If you have lookalikes that are […] The post 5 Ways to Quickly and Efficiently Scale a Facebook Account appeared first on 3Q Digital. …

    3Q Digitalin Social- 10 readers -
  • 6 Ways to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

    … You hopefully know by now that the Facebook pixel is important — it’s really freaking important. It’s the Facebook pixel that allows you to create powerful audiences for ad targeting, run dynamic ads, track conversions, and optimize for conversions. Many marketers remain slow to add the pixel — or add it correctly. The most common reason why…

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digitalin Social- 18 readers -
  • Facebook Automatic Placements: Considerations before Testing

    … Throughout the last year or so, Facebook has been strongly recommending that we test Automatic Placements on our accounts (it even says ‘Recommended’ in the UI): Facebook will automatically show ads to my audience in the places they’re likely to perform best!? The way that the description is written, it sure sounds like you need […] The post Facebook Automatic Placements: Considerations before Testing appeared first on 3Q Digital. …

    3Q Digitalin Social- 10 readers -
  • 4 Retailers Driving Purchases with Slideshow Ads on Facebook and Instagram

    …. That’s where slideshow ads come in. This Facebook and Instagram ad unit makes it easy for advertisers to create video ads from still images. In addition, they’re also an ideal ad unit to target towards users on basic devices or in areas with poor connectivity. The visual nature of slideshow ads makes them a perfect fit for retailers, who tend…

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