Facebook Analytics

    • 3 Benefits of Facebook Analytics

      There’s one thing you can always count on with Facebook: new features. Well, make that two things: new features PLUS an occasional sense of dread and insecurity in how to successfully use and implement them. There’s always something new being rolled out, always something previously undiscovered, and always something that leaves us asking, “What the heck does this button do?” ...

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    • Facebook Wants You to Trust & Optimize Ads with Just Two Metrics

      Facebook is making a concerted effort to get all advertisers using only two metrics: Reach and Brand Awareness. And while this sounds like a simple flight away from the aggressive accountability for end-results that’s become standard in digital, it’s worth looking at the Why and the What of these changes.

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    • Facebook Analytics, the Pixel, and Events

      Facebook Analytics is a terrific tool that not enough marketers are using. Andrew Foxwell documented a few of the benefits recently. But, how do you get the most out of it? In this post, I’m going to provide a few examples of some powerful Facebook Analytics reports and how it all comes back to the Facebook pixel and Events.

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