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  • Facebook Audience Overlap: Find Commonalities Between Audiences

    … Facebook quietly launched — or at least began testing — a new tool that has the potential of being quite useful for marketers: Audience Overlap. As I type this, there hasn’t yet been an official announcement. A member of the Power Hitters Club (my private membership) first pointed it out earlier in the week. At the time, I did not have it. Now…

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  • Facebook Audience Insights: 5 Groups You Should Analyze

    … If you’re a marketer, you need to do your research. It’s imperative you understand your audience so that you can craft the right message to reach the right people. Smart marketers are using a free Facebook tool called Audience Insights. It allows you to break down audiences to learn a whole lot about them, including: Age and Gender Lifestyle…

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  • While You Weren’t Looking, Facebook Advertising Got Huge

    … a business succeeding without digital advertising in its mix. Facebook deserves the credit for its own turnaround. The company brought its advertising game to a new level last year with the release of Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Audience Insights, two tools that make advertising on the network a slam-dunk decision. I can target…

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  • How Many Facebook Fans Visit Your Website or Convert?

    … in for an ebook? Or purchased a product? You can do this, and it isn’t even connected to running Facebook ads. How valuable are your Facebook fans? Here’s how to find out how many have visited your website or converted… The Incomplete Data Most Marketers See Facebook gives marketers a ton of data, but much of what we see in Insights doesn’t give us…

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  • How to Use Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting

    … How are your Facebook ads performing? Are you targeting the right people? If you want your ads to perform better, combine Facebook Graph Search and Audience Insights data to increase advertising ROI. In this article I’ll share how to plan better Facebook ad campaigns with audience targeting. Why Use Advanced Targeting? To achieve…

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  • Six Facebook Marketing Tips From the Pros

    …: Use Website Custom Audiences Christian Karasiewicz As Facebook moves into a pay-to-play model, marketers are going to have to find better ways to reach fans. While you can run Facebook ads targeted at specific fans on Facebook, one of my favorite Facebook marketing tips is to use Website Custom Audiences instead. With Website Custom Audiences…

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