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    • Facebook for WooCommerce: Pixel and Dynamic Ads Integration

      Advertisers can do some amazing things with Facebook ads, largely thanks to the Facebook pixel. The problem for many e-commerce brands, however, is that utilizing the “good stuff” has required some technical dirty work that often confuses and intimidates those without technical resources. Thanks to a new integration with WooCommerce that started rolling out on Tuesday, this su ...

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  • The Importance of the Facebook Pixel

    … an opt-in or product. That’s just scratching the surface, but you get the point. I’ve created hundreds — even thousands — of these audiences that are critical to my success. 2. Standard Events With Standard Events, you can inject a little bit of extra code on specific pages to tell Facebook that a general type of event happened. Standard Events…

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  • Dynamic Ads: A Powerful Retargeting Solution For All Industries

    … to manually configure individual ads, and they are synced to your inventory, so you don’t have to worry about updating or editing your ads if a particular item is out of stock or a certain hotel is completely booked. With Dynamic Ads, you can “set it and forget it” so you can focus on big picture tasks that allow you to scale your campaigns. Best…

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