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    • Social Proof and the Business Case for Buying Fake Followers

      By Mark Schaefer The New York Times just published an extraordinary and detailed report called “The Follower Factory” detailing the black market for fake followers, likes, and comments. The reporters outed politicians, athletes, and even social media gurus who had bought followers from a company called Devumi. (The State of New York is now investigating this company).

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    • 5 Awesome Tools for Content Marketing Minimalists

      I consider myself a minimalist in content marketing. I don’t like complicated calendars, schedulers and planning tools—to me, they make the process more complicated than it needs to be. Not to mention, they make content marketers rigid. If you’re using a 6-month content calendar planning tool—that your company is paying for—you feel obligated to stick to every detail of that plan.

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  • The techlash: Are people ready to fight back against Big Tech?

    …. On this new episode of The Marketing Companion, my pod-spouse Tom Webster and I riff on this subject. We look at this growing backlash against Big Tech and what might be coming next. Regulations? Will Facebook have to be broken up? But wait, there’s more! In this episode, we also discuss: Social proof and why people are buying fake followers…

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  • Constellation: Benchmark Your Social Advertising Performance

    … Quantifi, a social media ad experimentation platform, has launched the Constellation Scorecard, a free tool that creates a custom report detailing your social ad performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Constellation Scorecard uses machine learning to sift through thousands of anonymous data points collected across digital ad…

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  • JARVEE: Windows-Based Social Media Automation Software.

    …, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Instagram Automation – Boost your Instagram growth by following, following back, unfollowing, auto-reposting, auto-liking, commenting, or deleting posts. The toll includes the ability to perform hashtag research and manage direct messages. Facebook Automation – increase your engagement…

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  • Don’t panic. The Facebook announcement is no big deal.

    … By Mark Schaefer An open letter from Mark Zuckerberg announcing changes to the Facebook news feed was regarded as a bombshell by most social media marketing thought leaders. Mike Stelzner called this the “end of days” for marketers, Jon Loomer referred to the market “hysteria” this is creating. The fact is, this letter from Zuckerberg…

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  • Not Every Content Strategy Needs a Story

    … Stories are everywhere and I’m sick of it. Every social media app is trying to throw them in my face, every website is trying to lure me to their clickbait story, and now every brand wants to emotionally connect with me online. Please make it stop. Reasons Why I’m Growing Weary of Stories: Most people are terrible at telling stories. Most…

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  • 4 Essential Strategies For Your Multi-Location Business Online

    … of the major evolutions that hasn’t hit full-steam yet but which is rapidly becoming important is the use of voice interfaces to interact with digital platforms/devices. Amazon has already sold more than 10 million Alexa-powered Echo devices and it’s estimated that there will be 21.4 million smart speakers in the United States by 2020. Voice searches…

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  • 10 Profound digital marketing trends to you need to know about now

    … to change. The power has shifted from Madison Avenue to Main Street. It’s time to transcend our marketing arrogance, our traditional organizations and silos, our budgets built on an iteration of what we did last year, and start to market our businesses in a way that reflects reality. 2) Virtual spaces Recently Facebook gave us a glimpse of what…

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  • 6 Keys to Customer Service Success Using Social Media

    … We shared statistics on the growth of customer service using social media, and this infographic takes it a bit further, providing 6 distinct keys for your company to incorporate to ensure success. Lousy customer service can derail your marketing, so its essential for marketers to monitor sentiment and response time via social media. In one JD…

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