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  • Create an Audience of People Who Spent the Most Time on Your Website

    … website. Facebook advertisers can now create audiences of people who spent the most time on their website… Click To Tweet How to Create To create a Custom Audience based on time spent on your website, start by creating a Custom Audience within Ads Manager the way you normally would. Select the option for website traffic… Click the drop-down…

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  • The Death of Brands that Care About People

    … users (more than 1 Billion every day), with more than 3 Million active advertisers. But here’s the inconvenient truth that brands, who swear that users are being wronged by not seeing more marketing content, fail to acknowledge: Engagement rate on Facebook is at an all-time high. In the fourth quarter of 2011, there were 483 Million daily active…

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  • No, A Landing Page Is Not Enough

    … As someone who loosely considers himself a marketer, I’m seeing a group of info-marketers that are quickly becoming dinosaurs. Their refusal to change will ultimately lead to their extinction. One of the most popular marketing approaches for lazy people is setting up a landing page only — often with Lead Pages — and running ads…

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  • Faceboocalypse: Report Proves Flaws in Facebook Reach and Shares

    … with recent findings that reach for links for pages is way up lately — higher than any other post type. The Correction The NewsWhip article was updated on April 1. They were contacted by a Facebook representative who told them that a bug was behind the fall-off in reach. We experienced an issue with Page Insights logging in February that failed to count…

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  • No, Facebook Organic Page Reach Is Not Dead

    … Want to drive lots of website traffic? Report on the death of a celebrity before it’s true. Granted, no one will respect your content once they realize that your report was false, but it’s great for clicks. The same applies to marketing and tech blogs. If you want clicks, just report that organic reach is dead for Facebook pages. Run a Google…

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  • Facebook Advertising and Spam, Deception, Value and Trust

    … BLOCKED ME AND COMMENTED! There is Damage to Be Undone I’m not sharing this with you to get sympathy. I’m not hoping to rile the troops to go out and attack Tim and Russell. Instead, I’m glad they shared. Their reactions are common. I’d say that they represent a very large group of people — if not a majority, a very vocal minority. We can’t…

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  • Happy Holidays: The Season of Failing with Facebook Ads

    … Facebook presents enormous opportunities for brands during the holidays. This time more than any other, people are in the mood to spend money. Through Facebook ads, the best — and worst — deals can be delivered to them. As a result, advertisers flock to the social network during November and December. They dump piles of money into it, hoping…

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  • It May Be Time for You to Quit Marketing on Facebook

    … running ads, and you don’t have the time or resources to manage a page. Maybe you don’t trust Facebook, and you’re tired of all of the changes. You’re convinced that Facebook is out to screw you, and will do all they can to force you to buy ads. So do it. Quit marketing on Facebook. I’m serious. You Hate the Algorithm Changes For a while there…

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  • Facebook Doesn’t Care About Your Reach — And Neither Do Users

    On November 7, Facebook announced a new change that would make it easier for users to unfollow friends and pages that overwhelmed their feeds. The response was typical. Users: {crickets}. Marketers: This is bu&&$!$! Well, not all marketers. I’ve actually seen an improvement in terms of marketers taking a level-headed approach to changes.

    Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digital- 16 readers -
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