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  • Should You Use Interest Targeting of Your Organic Facebook Posts?

    About a month ago, Facebook rolled out the ability for Facebook marketers to target organic posts by interest. Is this something you should do? I immediately started an experiment, and today I’m ready to share the results of the first phase. What is Interest Targeting of Organic Posts? As you know, when running Facebook advertising there are numerous ways that you can target ...

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  • An Experiment: Facebook Ads Don’t Have to Suck

    … idea: Facebook ads Easter egg course… Each lesson delivered via a Facebook ad. You only see the next lesson if you clicked on the previous ad. Completely free but unique. People would want to click my ads. I was tired. It may not have made the most sense at the time. But the idea was very clear in my mind. It was a huge, shiny lightbulb…

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  • The Value of a Facebook Post [Experiment]

    One of the primary struggles of marketers is understanding what is important. Taking the data given to them and making it into something meaningful. This is why so many focus on secondary metrics, and obsess unnecessarily over things that have very little to do with their success. It’s why there is such a need for a way to measure actual value of Facebook marketing efforts.

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  • Know Your Facebook Ad Rates: CPM and Cost Per Page Like by Placement

    … Cookie cutter articles are routinely written that proclaim that “the Facebook sidebar is a wasteland” or “mobile is where it’s at on Facebook.” They’re all wrong. In this post, I’m going to explain why before presenting my own data to show you what I’m seeing regarding the evolution of CPM costs and Cost Per Page Like by placement, dating back…

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