Facebook Marketing Research

  • An Experiment: Facebook Ads Don’t Have to Suck

    … As a visitor to my website, you may have recently seen a Facebook ad from me inviting you to participate in an experiment. The results I’m seeing so far from this experiment are incredible, so I wanted to briefly break down what it is I’m doing and the thought process behind it. Ads Don’t Have to Suck Late at night on December 30, I was wide…

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  • The Value of a Facebook Post [Experiment]

    …): $1.13 Any Other Opt-in (Conversion): $1.37 The Value of My Post Using Google Analytics and URL tagging, I am able to isolate the number of link clicks, ebook and webinar registrations that came directly from my organic post before it was promoted. Link Clicks: 5,232 Ebook Registrations (Conversions): 36 Power Editor Webinar Registrations…

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  • Know Your Facebook Ad Rates: CPM and Cost Per Page Like by Placement

    … Cookie cutter articles are routinely written that proclaim that “the Facebook sidebar is a wasteland” or “mobile is where it’s at on Facebook.” They’re all wrong. In this post, I’m going to explain why before presenting my own data to show you what I’m seeing regarding the evolution of CPM costs and Cost Per Page Like by placement, dating back…

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  • Facebook Content Strategy: Is it Better to Post at Non-Peak Times?

    First, let me be very careful about the information I’m about to share. It will be easy for some to see this as either a loophole that can be exploited to reach the News Feed or a hard and fast rule about when you should post. This is neither. What I’m sharing here is merely anecdotal based on what I’ve seen recently in my results. It’s a sign that Facebook may have tweaked something.

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