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  • Is Facebook Marketplace looking to take a bite out of eBay?

    … In Facebook’s further attempts to be all things to all people, they are looking to expand their Marketplace feature to include not just private sellers but businesses as well. This would put Marketplace not only at odds with sites like craigslist, but now would pit them against Amazon and eBay as well. Both of the aforementioned online retail…

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  • A new criminal enterprise is being run on Facebook Marketplace

    … A new scourge of the criminal underworld has been showing up on Facebook Marketplace in New Zealand. It’s the product of a crime wave that is fueling a black market that could have potentially disastrous results by anyone who buys this product. I am of course speaking of the avocado. Avocados have become so popular in the Kiwi nation some…

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  • Facebook Marketplace follows craigslist’s dangerous lead

    … In a previous blog post we stated “Craigslist has nothing to teach Facebook” in terms of content moderation. We defended Facebook stating they have a much better content moderation system in place than craigslist. However, it seems we may have been a bit mistaken in that defense because it seems Facebook Marketplace is following craigslist’s bad…

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  • Facebook to place ads in its ads

    … alone messenger. However, Facebook is still not content with its advertisement saturation. They still want to place even more ads within their platform, so they’ve decided to place ads within other ads. Facebook has now rolled out a pilot program where they’re testing ads within Facebook Marketplace, the service where users already post ads…

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  • Florida Facebook Marketplace shooting shows need for safety vigilance

    … A very sad and unfortunate incident recently took place in Jacksonville, Florida, that involved Facebook Marketplace. A father of two was shot and killed in front of his children when a man giving away a dog on Facebook Marketplace became suddenly violent in the man’s home. The gunman was giving away a dog that he had allegedly found in the back…

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  • Facebook locks out Marketplace users in bid to fight fake news

    … Facebook locks out Marketplace users in bid to fight fake news Recently this blog posed the question “Is Facebook too big for its own good?” Another issue has arisen that requires that question to be asked again, as it seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Users of Facebook’s classifieds section called Marketplace have…

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  • Seven Nagging Problems with Social Commerce

    … is. Is it Facebook Marketplace? Is it apps like OfferUp and LetGo, which seem just a stone’s throw from Craigslist? Is it subscriptions with active communities on CrateJoy? Is it just ad retargeting on social networks? Is it sharing your eBay listings on your social media feeds? Before social commerce can take off, it needs to develop a gravity center…

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  • Everything old is new again: Facebook Marketplace used for robberies

    … Everything old is new again: Facebook Marketplace used for robberies Back in October, we posted on this blog about how Facebook’s new Marketplace feature was not only rife for abuse, but that the abuses were already taking place. These were some of the same abuses that have plagued craigslist for years. Now, industry watchdog The AIM Group…

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  • Facebook Marketplace already showing abuses

    … Facebook Marketplace already showing abuses Facebook recently relaunched its Marketplace section. In a nutshell it’s a space on the Facebook app that allows people to buy and sell various goods to each other. The problem is that it didn’t take long for illegal items and items against Marketplace’s guidelines to be offered for sale…

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