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Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service and software application which provides text and voice communication. Integrated with Facebook's web-based Chat feature and built on the open MQTT protocol, Messenger lets Facebook users chat with friends both on mobile and on the main website.
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    • 6 Strategies that Hotels Are Using to Leverage Facebook Marketing

      Facebook marketing is or should be an integral part of any hotel marketing campaign. Killarney Hotels, an operator of hotels in one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations, has put together this infographic about the topic. Side note… how great is it that a hotel company in Ireland sees the benefits of both infographic development and Facebook marketing? Why? Facebook is a key ...

      Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 16 readers -
    • Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin: Closed Beta

      I’ve received countless questions during the past week about the nifty little Messenger widget that hovers on the right side of my website. That’s the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin, and I am lucky enough to be part of the closed beta. What is the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin? The Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin allows publishers to provide an easi ...

      Jon Loomer/ Jon Loomer Digitalin Social- 8 readers -
  • Sprout Social: Create, Preview, and Manage Social Chat Bots

    … system – and may be happier in the quick turnaround of helpful, accurate information. Sprout Social has released two bots, one for Twitter direct messages and another for Facebook Messaging. Evernote implemented a Twitter chatbot into their social customer care strategy and increased the number of customers helped via Direct Messages each month…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 35 readers -
  • How to Use Facebook Messenger to Market Your Business

    … ways to market our businesses get released on Facebook. Facebook Live is one of the hottest marketing platforms being used today, and now another super sexy way to grow your business on Facebook is available… on Facebook Messenger! The main thing I’ve seen people using Facebook Messenger for as far as marketing up until now, is simply spamming…

    Amy Starr Allenin Social EMail Facebook How To's- 16 readers -
  • #155: The New ‘FB Messenger Ads’ with Rick Mulready

    … Facebook ad expert, Rick Mulready, is back to talk about a tremendous new Ad tool that he’s already leveraging to drive major results in his business. If you’re starting to hear more about Facebook Messenger Ads, it’s for good reason. You’re probably one of the billion people who use the Messenger app to chat with family and friends…

    Amy Porterfieldin Facebook- 22 readers -
  • ShopChat Comes Out of Stealth with a Mobile Shopping Keyboard

    … People like to shop, and people like to share their experiences with friends. Today, ShopChat debuts its effort to combine those two activities in a service that marketers and brands can leverage to attract more sales. ShopChat’s mobile shopping keyboard, which officially launched today, works with messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger…

    David Hirschman/ Street Fight- 32 readers -
  • Reengage Customers With Facebook Messenger Ads

    … February 3, 2017 Facebook introduced two new ways for advertisers to expand reach and increase engagement: Messenger as News feed destination Sponsored Messages As more advertisers are coming in for a piece of the Facebook pie, the platform has found it necessary to open up additional ad placements opportunities for advertisers, including…

    Cassie Oumedian/ PPC Heroin Social Facebook- 24 readers -
  • When to Ban Social Media Trolls and Prevent Harassment

    … @Wendys, may choose to engage humorously with less vicious trolls. If you plan to be irreverent and commit to this course, be aware that your replies will be retweeted and will become screenshots and shared—widely. While on Facebook Messenger, it’s become a game for trolls to bait brands like kids used to prank call stores and ask if they sell Prince…

    AllFacebookin Social Facebook Twitter- 38 readers -
  • Twitter Phasing Out Buy Button?

    … the message from Shopify with Lunden: Starting Feb. 1, the Twitter sales channel will no longer be available as a result of the Twitter team pivoting away from its e-commerce focus. Saying goodbye is never easy, but you can choose between many other sales channels to sell on including: Facebook Shop, Pinterest, Messenger, Amazon and more. Email the Shopify…

    David Cohen/ AllTwitterin Social Facebook Twitter- 27 readers -
  • The Rise of Chat Bots and Their Implications for Social Media

    … of a messaging platform can lead to big money in the future. In the past year, Facebook opened up its Messenger platform–with its more than 1 billion monthly active users and Facebook’s 1.79 billion MAUs–to third-party chat bots. Upwards of 45,000 developers are now using Facebook’s Wit.ai chat-bot-building tool to create chat bots for Messenger. Other major…

    AllFacebookin Social Facebook- 28 readers -
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