Facebook: Oculus Vr

  • IAB’s first report on VR/AR surveys the terrain for marketers

    … A mid-air pickup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in a 360-degree video. From the IAB report. As reality becomes virtual, augmented, and spherical, marketers are eager to get involved. To help set the stage, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is out with its first report on the subject, “Is Virtual the New Reality?: A Market Snapshot of VR…

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  • Virtual vs. augmented reality and Apple Watch for your face

    … of this. Also, recall Google Goggles, which was image-based search for the real world. That technology will rise again. Amazon is likely to become a player here too; it has visual product/object search technology. Although The Information piece creates oppositions between Google and Facebook — Google is the advocate of AR, while Facebook is betting…

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  • What’s The Reality Of Virtual Reality For Small Business?

    War has driven 30 million children from their homes. These are the stories of three of them. Note: This is a VR video — a brand new kind of video that gives you a sense of depth in every direction so you feel like you’re actually there. For the full effect, watch it in a Google Cardboard viewer: https://www.google.

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