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    • Facebook lets brands, publishers connect Groups to their Pages

      Facebook is finally letting brands, publishers, celebrities and all other Page owners create Groups connected to their Pages. Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox announced the opening up of Groups to Pages in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Facebook has been testing Groups for Pages since at least April, when CNET reported that brands like HBO had created Groups tied to their Pages.

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  • Facebook enables all Pages to add guests to Live broadcasts on iOS

    … Facebook is extending the option for all Pages and normal accounts to add a guest to their Facebook Live streams after opening up the feature to people with verified profiles last year. For now, guests can only be added if both the broadcaster and guest are using Facebook’s iOS app to stream themselves. If a broadcast is airing horizontally…

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  • Facebook’s renamed analytics tool now tracks Pages, in-store purchases

    … to Facebook Pages and in-store sales, though the latter feature is in open beta. Using the revamped, all-in-one Facebook Analytics, a business could now track when a Page post leads people to contact the Page’s Messenger bot, leads people to visit the brand’s site, then leads people to buy a product in a brand’s brick-and-mortar store. And to up…

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  • Facebook changes some measurements for Pages’ organic videos

    … If you’re a brand or publisher who’s finally adjusted to Facebook’s updated organic video metrics following last year’s measurement mishaps, well, at least that’s done. Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with the latest changes that Facebook is making to the measurements it provides for Pages’ organic videos. On Monday, Facebook added some…

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  • Facebook expands branded content program, will mark posts as ‘paid’

    … For nearly a year, Facebook has been giving verified Facebook page owners — typically brands, publishers or influencers — the ability to run branded content, normally inclusive of text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links and Live videos that feature a brand, third-party product or sponsor in some capacity. Now Facebook is opening these…

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  • Facebook will let Pages broadcast live videos from desktop web

    … If your brand’s New Year’s resolution was to broadcast more live streams on Facebook, then Facebook wants to help you with that. On Wednesday Facebook announced a bunch of new features for Pages looking to go live. The headliner is probably the ability to broadcast live from your laptop. Yep, Facebook will enable Pages to air Live streams…

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  • Facebook Live Audio turns the social network into a radio broadcaster

    …. For now Live Audio is being tested with only a few Page owners, including TV and radio broadcaster BBC World Service, British radio station LBC, book publisher Harper Collins and authors Adam Grant and Britt Bennett. Facebook plans to open it up to more people and Pages next year, the company said. About The Author Tim Peterson, Third Door…

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  • Here’s an itemized list of Facebook’s measurement errors to date

    … To paraphrase J. Cole, Facebook messes up on its math one time; shame on Facebook. Facebook messes up on its math a second time; shame on those of us blindly trusting Facebook’s math. Facebook messes up on its math a third time; time to make a list of all the times Facebook messed up on its math. On three separate occasions since September…

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  • Facebook Live will spin up 360-degree streaming to match YouTube

    … more reasons for viewers to be interested in live streams on Facebook. Sports teams could use to give people a better of view of what it’s like to watch a game in their stadiums; same goes for music festivals. News publishers could use it to give an even rawer on-the-ground look at breaking news events. And brands could use it when they have…

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  • Facebook discloses new measurement errors, continues to hone its math

    … of the engagement categories combined, and I wanted to see if there was a way to zero in on the articles’ share counts. I figured checking the share counts specifically could signal how the news feed algorithm change Facebook announced in June, which prioritized sharing for organic Page post distribution, may have impacted the spread of fake news articles…

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  • Community Marketing 101

    … creative in how you advertise. An advertising technique we’ve seen great success with in our community, is using native ad spots to cross-promote on-site content that you’ve created. Here’s a brief example: 1. Start by creating a content piece that lives in the community, such as an educational article. 2. Next, leverage the advertising options…

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