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    • Facebook will let Pages broadcast live videos from desktop web

      If your brand’s New Year’s resolution was to broadcast more live streams on Facebook, then Facebook wants to help you with that. On Wednesday Facebook announced a bunch of new features for Pages looking to go live. The headliner is probably the ability to broadcast live from your laptop. Yep, Facebook will enable Pages to air Live streams through the desktop web.

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  • Facebook Live Audio turns the social network into a radio broadcaster

    Facebook has already spun up its version of live television with Facebook Live. Now it’s come up with a take on live radio. On Tuesday Facebook announced Live Audio, an audio-only version of Facebook Live that can be used to broadcast radio shows, podcasts, book readings, etc. People can tune into a Live Audio stream and interact with it like they would a Live video stream, ...

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  • Here’s an itemized list of Facebook’s measurement errors to date

    … in a 500 percent average increase in the number of “reactions on post” and a 25 percent average decrease in the number of “reactions on shares,” according to Facebook. About The Author Tim Peterson, Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, has been covering the digital marketing industry since 2011. He has reported for Advertising Age…

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  • Facebook Live will spin up 360-degree streaming to match YouTube

    … National Geographic will air the first 360-degree live stream on Facebook. YouTube added 360-degree live-streaming back in April, and tomorrow Facebook will preview its own version of the all-encompassing broadcast format. On Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET, National Geographic’s Facebook Page will air the platform’s first 360-degree live stream…

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  • Facebook discloses new measurement errors, continues to hone its math

    … Math is hard, even for Facebook. And it’s getting harder to trust Facebook’s math, even as the social network fine-tunes its calculations. For the third time since September, Facebook is disclosing new measurement errors. The two new errors affected the reaction counts Facebook reports on Pages’ Live videos as well as the engagement figures…

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  • Community Marketing 101

    … creative in how you advertise. An advertising technique we’ve seen great success with in our community, is using native ad spots to cross-promote on-site content that you’ve created. Here’s a brief example: 1. Start by creating a content piece that lives in the community, such as an educational article. 2. Next, leverage the advertising options…

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  • Facebook is trying to make its coupon product, Offers, a bigger deal

    … Offers product to make it easier for people to see, save and use these coupons, especially when on their phones, and give brands more control over who those people are. For years brands have been able to use Offers to distribute online or in-store coupons on Facebook as ads or organic Page posts by linking to a brand’s site and emailing people a copy…

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