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    • How Facebook’s measurement errors have impacted marketers’ trust

      Facebook’s string of measurement errors disclosed since September has some marketers shook up, even if those marketers weren’t directly affected by the social network’s messed-up math. Soon after Facebook announced in November that it had been overstating Page posts’ organic reach, digital agency Blitz was pitching a client on a Facebook campaign idea to make people more aware of the brand.

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    • Community Marketing 101

      Since the dawn of the internet, people have been drawn to online communities for collaborating and advancing knowledge. Discussions that previously took place in the depths of Usenet are now emerging on Reddit. In a matter of seconds, you can find massive online communities dedicated to everything from astrophysics to Zen.

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  • Facebook adds new tools for local discovery and commerce to Pages

    Facebook wants to be the mobile solution for local businesses. It also sees itself increasingly as a local commerce platform for consumers. The company’s recent introductions of Marketplace and its Events app are indications of a full court press into local. Today Facebook is adding more tools for consumers and business owners: Booking and ordering for Pages Social recommend ...

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  • What brands should know about Facebook’s new and upcoming average watch time metrics

    You already know about Facebook over-calculating how much time people spent, on average, watching Pages’ organic videos and brands’ video ads. You already know it’s done away with only calculating that figure when people viewed a video for at least three seconds. But how much do you know about how Facebook is replacing that metric or whether the platform-provided metric even ...

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  • Twitter now lets brands say when they’re available to respond to tweets

    Twitter is playing catch-up with Facebook once again when it comes to becoming brands’ favored social platform for customer service. Businesses’ Twitter profiles can now display the hours that a company is available to respond to people’s tweets — such as “24/7” or “4am-11pm” — and feature a button people can click to send it a direct message.

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  • Facebook is trying to make its coupon product, Offers, a bigger deal

    … Offers product to make it easier for people to see, save and use these coupons, especially when on their phones, and give brands more control over who those people are. For years brands have been able to use Offers to distribute online or in-store coupons on Facebook as ads or organic Page posts by linking to a brand’s site and emailing people a copy…

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  • Facebook’s changing the news feed again to make it more “informative”

    … It’s a Thursday, so Facebook is probably changing its news feed algorithm. Correct! This time Facebook is adding a new signal to its algorithm to show people more “informative” stories. What does that mean? It sounds like it means cooking videos over cat videos, newsy articles over fluffy listicles. “This could be a news article on a current…

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  • Facebook organic reach drop steepens to 52% for publishers’ Pages

    … Publishers’ organic reach on Facebook continues to plummet, but some have found a parachute. This year the number of people seeing the average post published a publisher’s Facebook Page has been cut in half. From January 2016 through mid-July 2016, publishers’ Facebook Pages have experienced a 52% decline in organic reach, according to social…

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  • Facebook’s testing another ad-free Pages design for desktop

    … The trend of ad-free Facebook Pages continues. Facebook has started testing another redesign of its desktop Pages that omits the ads that normally appear on the right-hand side of the page. A reader tipped us off to the new look, and a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that this is one of the ad-free layouts the company is trying out…

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  • Facebook makes Pages’ organic reach even more dependent on shares

    … It’s a weekday, so there’s a good chance Facebook is recalibrating its all-important news feed algorithm. And as is often the case that means Pages will have a tougher time getting unpaid placements in people’s feeds. This time around Facebook is making Pages’ organic reach even more dependent on people sharing Page posts with their friends…

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