Facebook Partner Categories

  • Priority List: 13 Audiences to Target Using Facebook Ads

    …, this data isn’t complete. There are also varying reports on accuracy and effectiveness. Facebook has even removed some of the less effective behavioral targeting options. The potential is there. Targeting behaviors can work. But it’s pretty low on my priority list of things I’d try. Behaviors are largely based on Partner Categories, and Facebook…

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  • How to Apply the Conversion Funnel to Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

    … advanced targeting options with Partner Categories. Judging your targeting experiments on engagement will provide you with the guidance you’ll need for the next part of the funnel. Stage 2 Objective: Acquisition With acquisition, your goal is to get customers to register for your site, or download your app. At this point you should have a good idea…

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  • How to Target Facebook Users Based on Purchase Behavior

    … in prior posts and above, all of this information comes from Partner Categories. Facebook partners with data mining companies that collect data based on purchases, applications and surveys completed and send it to Facebook for ad targeting purposes. It will undoubtedly sound creepy to some that you can target based on some of this information…

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