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    • Facebook Analytics, the Pixel, and Events

      Facebook Analytics is a terrific tool that not enough marketers are using. Andrew Foxwell documented a few of the benefits recently. But, how do you get the most out of it? In this post, I’m going to provide a few examples of some powerful Facebook Analytics reports and how it all comes back to the Facebook pixel and Events.

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  • Facebook Website Custom Audiences Based on Pixel Events

    … One of the many benefits of the Facebook pixel is that you can track and later retarget those who perform specific actions on your website. You can segment your audience in very specific ways based on page views, registrations, purchases, searches, and more. Let’s take a closer look at how and why you should create these audiences. First, I’ll…

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  • 5 Rookie Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid.

    … and installing the Facebook pixel (discussed in tip #5) to create audiences around website traffic. 3. Using the Wrong Ad Placements When you come to selecting placements for your Facebook campaign, Facebook sets your placements to automatic by default, which they recommend. Placements: Facebook serves your ads on their platform and third-party sites…

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  • #163: Demystifying the Facebook Pixel

    … Do you know who’s visited your website in the last 24 hours? What about who visited your most recent blog post but while visiting your site did not sign up to get your latest freebie? Do you know who’s watching just for the first few minutes of your latest Facebook video but then moving on to something else? Welcome to Facebook Pixel…

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  • Facebook for WooCommerce: Pixel and Dynamic Ads Integration

    … rolling out on Tuesday, this suddenly becomes much easier to do for many e-commerce brands. The Pixel, Audiences, Product Feeds and Dynamic Ads First, understand how important it is that e-commerce websites take advantage of the Facebook pixel and all it can offer. A quick refresher… The Facebook Pixel: The pixel is a single snippet of code…

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  • How to Share a Facebook Advertising Audience or Pixel

    … claim an ad account if that account is associated with their business — they own it. But in this case, they’ll likely want to request access to your ad account. After selecting to request access, they’ll need to enter in your ad account ID. Share the Facebook Pixel Now that your ad account has been added to Business Manager, it’s time to share…

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  • 6 Ways to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

    … You hopefully know by now that the Facebook pixel is important — it’s really freaking important. It’s the Facebook pixel that allows you to create powerful audiences for ad targeting, run dynamic ads, track conversions, and optimize for conversions. Many marketers remain slow to add the pixel — or add it correctly. The most common reason why…

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  • The Importance of the Facebook Pixel

    … an opt-in or product. That’s just scratching the surface, but you get the point. I’ve created hundreds — even thousands — of these audiences that are critical to my success. 2. Standard Events With Standard Events, you can inject a little bit of extra code on specific pages to tell Facebook that a general type of event happened. Standard Events…

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  • Facebook Audience Network Updates Coming

    … Updates are coming “over the next few months” for Facebook Audience Network, according to director of publisher solutions David Jakubowski. The social network unveiled Facebook Audience Network at F8 in 2014 as a way for advertisers to take advantage of Facebook’s advertising and targeting tools on mobile sites and in applications outside…

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  • More New Features for Facebook’s Analytics for Apps

    … Facebook released more new features for its Analytics for Apps: support for web analytics, improved cross-device analytics, user properties and updated sharing insights. The social network introduced Analytics for Apps at F8 in March 2015, and updates have included the addition of custom audiences and lookalike audiences last October…

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  • Facebook Ad Campaign Process: Build Audience, Leads and Conversions

    … and efficiently build an audience in volume. We’ll do this by promoting helpful articles (driving traffic and building a Website Custom Audience) and videos (building an Engagement on Facebook Custom Audience). 2. Build Your Leads The mistake is that most advertisers start here, targeting people that don’t know them. We won’t do that. We’ll target…

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