Facebook: Privacy

  • Facebook Told To Stop Tracking Non-Users Or Face Fines In France

    … France’s data protection authority, Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), has been one of the more aggressive in going after Google for alleged EU privacy violations. The regulator has turned it attention to Facebook and ordered it to comply with the French Data Protection Act or face fines. France and other EU privacy…

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  • Facebook Pushes Back Against European Privacy Onslaught

    … Facing increasingly emboldened data protection regulators in Europe, and a recent judicial setback concerning cross-border data transfers, Facebook appears to be taking a more aggressive stance on privacy and digital identity. In multiple countries the company is both seeking to educate regulators and the public while using the courts to fight…

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  • EFF Launches New Do Not Track Standard With Coalition Of Web Companies

    … In reaction to the digital advertising industry’s inability to come to a consensus on how to or whether to adhere to users’ “Do Not Track” browser preferences, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), privacy firm Disconnect and a group of internet companies have announced a new Do Not Track (DNT) setting to offer stronger protections…

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  • Facebook Launches Opt-In Local Place Tips

    … in the News Feed. Facebook appears to have gone out of its way to address any potential privacy objections. If you do enable location Facebook will see that, which could help later on with the company’s efforts to measure the offline impact of its ads. In New York exclusively, Facebook is also testing the use of beacons in selected locations. Those…

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  • EU Taking Harder Look At $19B Facebook-WhatsApp Deal

    … European regulators have reportedly sent an unusual “second wave” of questions to a range of companies as part of its antitrust review of the pending Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp. The Wall Street Journal reports the questionnaire is “extremely detailed” and nearly 70 pages long. Facebook asked the EU for the antitrust review to avoid going…

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