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  • The Significant Seven Social Video Platforms of 2017

    … in the battles they face in the near future. And I want to tell the story in a way that helps them to understand that the social video market is segmented, not fragmented. Here, then, is my take on The Significant Seven social video platforms that should play a role in your upcoming plans. YouTube is Still the Leader of the Pack Although it faces serious…

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  • Top Three Takeaways From #VidCon 2017 Industry Track

    … in the social video marketing business. So, without further ado, here are “The Top Three” stories that are worth hearing and then retelling to your colleagues in the industry: #1 1.5 Billion Logged-in Viewers Visit YouTube Every Single Month On Thursday afternoon, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, kicked off her keynote conversation at VidCon…

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  • Business Insider Videos Thrive on Delivering Soft News

    … the original research generated through the BI Intelligence service. But BI isn’t just known for words on a page. The news brand is no stranger to the world of digital video, either. With multiple social video accounts across sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, BI has established itself as a go-to source for clips related to news, current…

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  • Ramadan Online: Holy-Month Related Video Content That Resonates

    … and prayer live streams during Ramadan 2016 were twice as engaging as the average live stream on Facebook. It’s clear that the shared experience of a month of fasting and remembrance has carried over into the type of content resonating with online audiences during Ramadan. 2016 Ramadan Related Video Views (All Data Via Tubular labs) However, prayer…

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  • Here’s the Daily Mail’s Winning Social Video Strategy

    … to be for higher-than-average engagement metrics. Its audience on that platform is highly invested in its content, so much so they interact with it, share it, like it, and comment on it. Of course, other publishers can take a cue from Daily Mail by paying attention to their own engagements on various platforms to see which one best resonates with their particular…

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  • Top Media Publishers Drive 86% Growth in Video Views on Facebook

    … to that site, and found that media publishers were generating an incredible number of views and engagements. The top 2000 media companies active on Facebook saw a 86% increase in social video views in Q1 2017, compared to Q1 2016. The research also highlighted the fact that these publishers saw a 73% increase in likes, shares, and comments year-on-year…

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  • Snackable Content About Snacks: Why Tastemade’s Facebook Videos Are Working

    The Biggest Primark Haul I've Ever Done - Previous Video: http://bit.ly/2n4QoW2 - Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2lyMuWK --- Links below marked with a "*" are affiliate links - which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products though this link — I'm Wearing & In The Background: * Striped Top - ASOS: http://bit.ly/2mMZSmJ - Curtain Lights - Lights4u: http://bit.

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  • Going to #NewFronts2017? Get Your Exclusive Tubular Tear Sheets Today!

    … NewFronts 2017 kicks off next week in New York, and Tubular Labs has compiled an exclusive set of #NewFronts 2017 Tear Sheets so you’ll have key benchmarks on each publisher at your fingertips. The Tear Sheets include each publisher’s social reach across YouTube and Facebook, its average views per video, engagement rate, and much more. From…

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  • How Social Video Helped Kat Von D Built a Beauty Empire

    …; Facebook Video Maybe not upon the first viewing, but if you pay attention to Kat Von D Beauty’s most viewed Facebook video in the last 90 days, you’ll see it has a lot of similar elements as the Instagram video above. This video with around 402,000 views is actually announcing Kat Von D Beauty’s official YouTube channel in a brilliant bit of cross…

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  • Facebook Mid-Roll Ads Might Need A Re-Roll?

    …, this is a valid fear. The question I pose isn’t if video ads should be used, but rather, is 20 seconds the correct start time for an ad? If I am judging off similar video ad platforms and my own preferences, it may cause more users to abandon the content they were trying to watch in the first place. Mid-Roll Ad about to start – The Dodo…

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  • 8 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live Video

    … Brands and video marketers who want to step up their live content game don’t need to look any farther than Facebook Live. The broadcasting platform, which was officially introduced in April 2016 to all Facebook users, has become a favorite destination for the site’s users when they’re looking for live content to entertain and inform them…

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  • Trump-Related Videos Have Grown Saturday Night Live’s YouTube Channel by 48%

    … resonated with SNL audiences, as the video claimed 14.7 million total video views and an engagement rate of 1.7x. Overall, only two videos on SNL’s YouTube over the past year haven’t addressed, mocked, or alluded to Trump and his presidency. Even SNL‘s Facebook videos are predominantly political, with half of the top ten most-watched videos…

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  • Publishers Get Ready: All Facebook Videos To Autoplay with Sound on Mobile

    … with details on how to turn autoplay audio off. But Facebook sees value in making the change – they’ve been testing it since last summer. So while the reaction is understandable, the fact is it’s going to be here to stay. If you’re a publisher, your reaction should be curiosity on how you can use this change to your advantage. Facebook Video Autoplay…

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