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  • How I’m Promoting My Webinar Series with Facebook Ads

    … days. In one case, I let Facebook optimize. In the other, I expand the net a bit by using Daily Unique Reach. Lead Generation Ads for the Webinars On the surface, this is a lot like what we did above with individual webinar ads. However, in this case, I am mentioning the date. That’s because each lead ad form is date specific, so I create…

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  • Create an Audience of People Who Spent the Most Time on Your Website

    … Back in May, Facebook made updates to Website Custom Audiences that gave advertisers more targeting power based on quality of website visit. That launch allowed advertisers to create audiences based on frequency of actions taken. In the example above, an audience is being generated of people who have visited JonLoomer.com at least 20 times…

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  • Facebook Custom Conversions: A Beginner’s Guide

    … something like this… Note that this looks a lot like the Website Custom Audience interface. As such, you should feel at home! There’s a reason the two processes are similar. What we are doing is very similar, too. We are trying to help Facebook determine if a user who visited our website ended up converting. Under the rule, you’ll have three options…

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  • Priority List: 13 Audiences to Target Using Facebook Ads

    … this recently while receiving amazing results was within my Facebook ads experiment. By creating individual Website Custom Audiences for single pages of my website, I was able to both create an opt-in that didn’t require an email address and funnel people according to the pages they have or haven’t yet read. Note that this audience is ideal for both…

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  • The 4-Step Approach to Effective Facebook Ad Targeting

    … answer that for you: very unlikely. But by following the first three steps, you are setting yourself up for success. You are laying the building blocks, and you’ll be happy you did! Here is how I’d prioritize targeting for closing the sale: Related Opt-in Custom Audience Related Purchase Custom Audience Facebook Fans (if built properly) Website…

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  • An Experiment: Facebook Ads Don’t Have to Suck

    … and I were heading for the mountains for a little New Years vacation. I needed to get working. So I created the ad you saw at the top. I targeted fans and website visitors. The concept was simple: Click the ad to opt in (using a Website Custom Audience) Get served an EXCLUSIVE Facebook advertising tip Those who viewed that tip would be served another…

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