Facial Recognition

    • Facebook Acquires Facial-Image-Analysis Firm FacioMetrics

      Facebook is focusing on the face with its latest acquisition, facial-image-analysis outfit FacioMetrics. The company was hatched at Carnegie Mellon University, and it released an application that detected emotions in people’s faces, IntraFace, which is no longer available via app stores. FacioMetrics founder and CEO Fernando De la Torre announced the acquisition on the comp ...

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  • What’s Next for Our Weak But Resilient Password System? (Report)

    … Leak after leak has demonstrated that passwords are perhaps the weakest part of our digital security infrastructure. Users create weak passwords, companies do not maintain good infrastructure, hacking tools grow increasingly sophisticated and our password system continue to look like a relic. A white paper from Gigya analyzes where we might go…

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  • Photo-Sharing Apps Under Fire for Tagging People in Pictures

    … While the practice of photobombing has become a social and cultural phenomenon lately, the practice itself isn’t anything new. Since the advent of the camera, people have either intentionally tried to appear in someone else’s photos or have accidentally stumbled into the frame. Now, with biometric facial recognition algorithms, companies like…

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  • AppLock Protects Android Apps With Face and Voice Biometrics

    … access. We designed AppLock to provide users a seamless option for securing any app installed on their Android devices with our TrulySecure face and voice biometric technologies, which, when combined, offers more than twice the security of single mode biometrics like fingerprint and iris. AppLock is available to download for free on Google Play. …

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  • Image Recognition technology is a goldmine for marketers

    … recognition technology promises to be a goldmine for smart marketers. Image recognition and marketing People upload nearly 2 billion photos per day to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, WhatsApp and Snapchat. From that vast sea of images, marketers can glean nuanced data about social influence, brand sentiment, purchase behavior, and much more. Using…

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