• The Evolution of Data Journalism

    … century, there was a noticeable shift in the way publishers used data. Instead of just plotting trends, individuals also collected data to make predictions. For example, in 1952, Navy mathematician Grace Murray Hopper and a team of programmers used voting statistics from earlier elections to predict Eisenhower’s win within one percentage point…

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  • How the Election Started a Fact-Checking Content Boom

    … to protect their credibility. However, amid the frenzy of the 2016 presidential election, fact-checking is no longer just a safeguard; it’s now a burgeoning source of content in its own right. Audiences hungry for verification drove record traffic to publishers that offered live fact-checking during the first presidential debate. NPR’s real-time…

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  • Why Content Creators Need to Worry About Anti-Intellectualism in the Digital Age

    … quickly scan an article and understand it. We are compelled to find shortcuts in our content creation because of budget constraints and competition. Because our readers are bombarded with content continuously, to grab their attention we need to start pushing the boundaries on our claims into sensational territory—just to get a bite. Articles…

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