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    • Hoax busting site Snopes facing financial shutdown

      The scourge of conspiracy theorists and urban legend believers everywhere, Snopes.com is facing a financial crisis that could result in the website shutting down. Snopes was started in 1994 by the married couple of Barbara and David Mikkelson, who created the site in order to have a resource where people could debunk urban legends.

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  • The Dangerous Spread Of Fake Ads

    … This article was originally published on huffingtonpost.com Cowritten with Robert Glazer, Founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Partners and Mehmet Oz, M.D. Cardiac Surgeon and Host of the Emmy-Award Winning ‘The Dr. Oz Show’. Did Fake News Sneak up on America? A recent Pew Research Center study reports that two-thirds…

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  • What does Google’s “Project Owl” mean for search and fake news?

    … by misinformation on the internet. The world is completely distressed. They demand that 1) someone be responsible and 2) for them to take action and fix the ‘fake news’ problem. Oh – hi Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg. Who else other than Google and Facebook, right? The public wants solutions from search engines and social media giants to tackle…

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  • Facebook turns to old media to fight fake news prior to UK election

    … Facebook turns to old media to fight fake news prior to UK election In the run up to Election Day in the UK, Facebook has turned to an unlikely ally in their continuing struggle against ‘fake news’. The social network behemoth has taken out several print ads in UK newspapers on how to recognize fake news. While the ads do contain helpful…

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  • How Google is Winning the Fake News Battle

    … 2 May 2017 | Evie Palaiochorinou How Google is Winning the Fake News Battle Fake news quickly became a destructive force last autumn after grabbing the headlines. Search engines soon jumped into battle against fake news websites and publishers in order to defend their ground. As many will be aware, Google and Facebook have been two of the major…

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  • Another ironic name pledges to fight fake news

    … of dollars into fighting fake news while his site continues to house racists, scam artists and criminals. Now, another person who shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house has thrown his weight behind the fight against fake news. Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia, and he just launched a new platform called WikiTribune to help combat…

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  • What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Fake News’

    … What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Fake News’ April 13, 2017 by Julie Bernard Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Perhaps it takes German lawmakers to remind us that “fake news” is not defined as anything we choose it to mean. While Germany’s newly proposed social-media bill makes its way toward that country’s Parliament, here…

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  • Brand Newsroom 135: What’s wrong with the media today

    … BNR’s producer, Dan Hatch, joins Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to take a deep dive into what’s going wrong with the media these days — from credibility, accountability, shrinking newsrooms and falling advertising revenues to fake news and “churnalism”. Here are some key take-outs: Shrinking advertising revenues have led to shrinking…

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  • Google launches Fact Check in search results worldwide

    … them into action over ‘fake news’, but with millions of pieces of content going live every minute, this is not a simple task. Furthermore, is it the place of a technology company to decide on our behalf what is true or false? Google is understandably cautious about this launch and made the following statement: ”These fact checks…

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  • Facebook and craigslist team up to fight fake news, not notice irony

    … Facebook and craigslist team up to fight fake news, not notice irony Since the 2016 Presidential Election, ‘fake news’ has been the story that’s refused to die with Facebook being ground zero for most fake stories that are perpetrated on the internet. In the past Facebook has taken steps to combat this problem without really fixing anything…

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  • 3 Rules for Content Marketing in the Fake News Era

    … mean for content marketing. For those of you who have been avoiding all things Facebook ever since Uncle Bob livestreamed his shirtless election celebration, here’s some quick background information: Political fake news spread rampantly on Facebook prior to the election. A November BuzzFeed analysis found that the top 20 fake news stories about…

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