Fake Pharma

    • Registrar accused of pimping prescription penis pills

      ICANN has implicated a Chinese domain name registrar in the online selling of medications, including Viagra and Cialis, without the required prescription. The organization’s Compliance department filed a contract breach notice with Nanjing Imperiosus, which does business as DomainersChoice.com, today.

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  • Grogan hopeful of content policing clarity within “a few weeks”

    … and pharmacy watchdogs such as LegitScript — reckon “appropriate action” means the domain in question should be suspended. The US Congress heard these arguments in hearings last month, but there were no witnesses from the ICANN or registrar side to respond. Registrars don’t think they should be put in the position of having to turn off what may…

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  • Is the Defending Internet Freedom Act pro-crime?

    … from LegitScript has been about a web site that is perfectly legal in Canada. In at least some cases, it seems that those pushing for ICANN to more stringently regulate content may have “internet freedom” as the least of their concerns. If the Defending Internet Freedom Act becomes law in the US, perhaps it could prove a boon to registries…

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  • Momentous denies link to “illegal” pharmacy gang

    … Momentous says CEO Rob Hall is NOT the man behind a registrar devoted almost exclusively to running “illegal” online pharmacies, after the US Congress was told he was a few hours ago. In written testimony to Congress today, LegitScript president John Horton linked Hall to an “illegal online pharmacy network” called 4rx. Horton said…

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  • A quarter of registrar’s names are “illicit pharmacies”

    … to be a rogue Internet pharmacy, and gave NetLynx the benefit of the doubt if there was any lack of certainty LegitScript classifies online pharmacies as “rogue” if they offer to ship medicines without a prescription to people in jurisdictions where prescriptions are required. Horton is now calling for ICANN to look into terminating NetLynx’s accreditation. Related posts: FDA to get domain name takedown role? .health backer has cop-like takedown powers for all gTLDs in Japan eNom to crack down on fake pharma sites …

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  • EasyDNS changes take-down policy after man dies

    … Canadian registrar EasyDNS has amended its take-down policy after a customer of one of its registrants died of an overdose. In a frank blog post today, CEO Mark Jeftovic said that the man had died using a “controlled substance” ordered online. The web site in question used a domain registered via EasyDNS. As a result of the death…

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