FanDuel is a web-based fantasy sports premium game and the largest company in the relatively new daily fantasy sports concept. The model consists of traditional season-long fantasy sports leagues being compressed into a daily, and occasionally weekly, game.The company hosts an average of over 600,000 lineup entries per week into their daily games. During 2015, FanDuel plans to pay out over $2 billion in prizes - up from $150 million in 2013, $50 million in 2012, and $10 million in 2011.
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  • How Snapchat Became a Social Media Unicorn (Infographics)

    … impressive growth in visitor rates. However, achieving unicorn status isn’t enough to ensure long-term survival. Visitors to fantasy sports competition site FanDuel dropped 84 percent, and visitors to a similar service called DraftKings decreased 68 percent. This could be because the football season has ended, or because these sites were banned…

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