• Dads Who Tweet (Infographic)

    … Twitter has a Father’s Day gift for dads on the social network in the form of statistics. U.S. curation lead Marcus Mabry wrote in a blog post that Twitter analyzed 200 million tweets about dads and fathers over the past year, adding: Many of those come from the 7.5 million people who identify themselves as a “dad” or “father” in their Twitter…

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  • Dads Not Feeling the Father’s Day Love on Social (Infographic)

    … Women might dominate social, but there are still plenty of men on social and on the internet overall. 75 percent of parents use social media, according to a Pew Research Center report–even more among millennials–but a survey conducted by Social Media Link indicates that Father’s Day doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Mother’s Day. Social…

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  • Facebook Gets an F for Back-to-School Shopping

    …, it doesn't mean they won't pay attention when they show up in their News Feeds. So how CAN you snag these busy moms' attention and money? You'll have to download the latest research installment from the PunchTab Consumer Research Series (#PTCRS) to learn: How much more, or less, moms plan to spend this year. Where moms plan to shop — online versus…

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