• Dads Who Tweet (Infographic)

    … bios. The most tweeted word to accompany the phrase “fatherhood is …” on Twitter is “fulfilling.” Twitter found that golf is the most-tweeted-about sport on Father’s Day, and the top five dad-related hashtags are: #Dad #Fatherhood #ProudDad #DadJokes #DadLife…

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  • Dads Not Feeling the Father’s Day Love on Social (Infographic)

    … Women might dominate social, but there are still plenty of men on social and on the internet overall. 75 percent of parents use social media, according to a Pew Research Center report–even more among millennials–but a survey conducted by Social Media Link indicates that Father’s Day doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Mother’s Day. Social…

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  • Facebook Gets an F for Back-to-School Shopping

    … A recent survey from multichannel loyalty and engagement platform PunchTab revealed that 75 percent of moms do NOT intend to use social media for back-to-school shopping this year. And yes, that includes Facebook. Whaaat? Out of the moms that do, the vast majority (22 percent) plan on using Facebook. So why does Facebook get an F, then? Well…

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