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    • Talk Data to Me: Google Analytics Tips That Lead to Better Content Strategy

      If you have any hand in the content on your company’s website or your clients’ websites, it’s important that data informs your decisions. Otherwise, you risk creating content that doesn’t meet your audience’s needs. But knowing this will only get you so far–it’s even more important that you know how to find and interpret the right data.

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  • Funnel-Based PPC Account Strategy – An Overview

    … you start advertising. It will pay huge dividends in the long run. Your end result after executing this plan will be better conversion rates and more revenue than you could otherwise hope to achieve from paid search. The post Funnel-Based PPC Account Strategy – An Overview appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Content-First SEO

    … the magazines, the travel websites, even good old AAA start to question whether to send any more traffic your way. Let’s transfer the idea from the metaphorical town to your real website. An important distinction: Content is not just a blog post or a product description. It’s not just the restaurant menu in our little town, but the roads…

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  • Are Headline Analyzers Worth Your Time?

    … blah about a headline and want to kick around some new ideas on my own. I’ve been wondering if the recommendations that come out of these tools are worth following, though. So I decided to do a small study using Portent blog post titles as my subjects. What Are Headline Analyzers? Headline analyzers claim to help you create headlines that have more…

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  • Video SEO in 2017 Best Practice Guide

    …. This can be a page dedicated specifically to that video, or can be a topical page (like a blog post, article, or brochure content) that the video makes a meaningful contribution to. Dedicated Pages Creating dedicated video pages is a common tactic, most often used when the video is destination content. These videos should be able to stand alone…

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  • Changing Domains? What Would an SEO Do?

    … SEO team involved with the product process. Disclaimer: Every domain transfer is different, depending on the size of the site, whether you are changing the site architecture, or switching to a new CMS. However, there are some critical steps that should typically be taken for the best chance of SEO success. The purpose of this post isn’t to provide…

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  • Funnel Driven Keyword Reporting

    … on your keywords in a way that intuitively ties back to the goals of your business. Now, different businesses have different goals and different means of pursuing them and yadda yadda yadda. Of course. To keep this from devolving into a cheerleading post, we will look at the specific example of tying keywords back to the goals of an inbound content…

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  • Shopify SEO in Six Simple Steps

    … for collections pages; the title of the collection automatically creates the URL and is available to edit in the Edit website SEO feature. With one exception, the /collections/all page. For this you will need a bit of theme.liquid wizardry to edit and that is not really why I’m here. Blog URLs /blogs/name-of-the-blog/8675309-title-of-the-blog-post Blog…

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  • Lean Content, the ebook, and I’m Tired

    … creation. It’s how I do blog posts, longform, papers, articles, product descriptions, and anything else that uses words. I talk about tools and techniques. The first chapter is a little philosophical and hand-wavy, but after that, it’s all meaty how-to. I like the process so much, I use it to write my ebooks. I probably couldn’t have done two in two…

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  • Robots.txt Mistakes and Best Uses: A Guide

    … of the confusion around using this file stems from the fact that people expect it to be more complex than it is. It’s really, really simple. Now, go forth and block your pages with confidence. Just not your live site, your secret stuff, or from hostile crawlers. I hope this guide prepared you to use robots.txt without screwing something up, but if you need more guidance, check out Robots.txt.org or Google’s Robots.txt Specifications. The post Robots.txt Mistakes and Best Uses: A Guide appeared first on Portent. …

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  • What Is the User Experience of Content?

    … to Evaluate Your Content’s User Experience Too often, companies start producing snazzy infographics with no clear purpose or plan. Or they launch a blog with no editorial calendar past the first month. Or they spend a lot of money on branding, product names, and copyrighted language without actually using words to explain what the company, products…

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