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  • 300+ Hours of Video are Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute

    … In May 2013, we wrote about the fact that 100 hours worth of video was being uploaded to YouTube every minute. 18 months is a lifetime on the Internet, so we suspected that this metric was well out-of-date. Although YouTube hasn't updated its own statistics page, we now know that a staggering 300+ hours worth of video content is being uploaded…

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  • Watch Time: A Guide to YouTube's Most Important Ranking Factor

    With at least 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute, YouTube needs an effective way to 'judge' the quality of the video content so that they can return the most relevant results for a search query and/or recommended and suggested videos. There are a number of metrics and signals that YouTube's platform takes into account.

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  • 33 Amazing YouTube Facts and Stats to Tweet and Share

    … Ever wondered how many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 10 seconds? Or how many billions and billions of hours of cat videos, how-tos, music videos, beauty tutorials, and unboxings we watch every month? YouTube is an amazing space and so generates some incredible stats - we bring you 33 of them below. All statistics and facts…

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  • Experts Debate Winning Video Metrics for Brands in 2014

    … Online video is consistently showing its value well beyond the one-off viral hit. For the evolution of video marketing to continue, it is important to define what constitutes a "win". At the 2014 ReelSummit, a panel of video industry experts discussed what kind of video marketing performance metrics, tools and tricks to track, and why…

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  • Micro-Video Marketing Strategies for Brands on Vine & Instagram

    … In a very short space of time, micro, or short-form video content has become a vital marketing vehicle for many top brands and creators. At ReelSummit 2014, we put together a stellar panel to analyse the current trends for micro-video and which direction it may be heading in. The panel, moderated by CJ Bruce of , featured superstar…

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  • Forget Viral! How Industry Dynamics Drive YouTube Performance

    … of the ReelSummit an amazing insight into what brands can do to be successful on YouTube. Posted in About the Author - Carla Marshall is the Managing Editor of ReelSEO. She joined the site in 2012 as staff writer and Director of SEO and specialises in video optimisation and organic marketing. She has a background in and social media. View All Posts By - Carla Marshall …

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  • BuzzFeed Video Shares Its Formula for Explosive Growth

    … keynote at the ReelSummit, and for his insights into what makes video content really work for BuzzFeed. Posted in About the Author - Mark Robertson is the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, an online information resource dedicated to the fusion of video, technology, social media, search, and internet marketing. He is a YouTube Certified, video…

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  • YouTube Creator Discovery Handbook Part 1: Watch Time and Getting Found

    … YouTube actually doesn't give that much away when it comes to what works on the site and what doesn't. However, the clues they do give, via resources like the Creator Playbook, and the Creator Playbook for Brands, and Advertisers, are pure gold. Now the latest guidelines have been issued, in the form of Creator Discovery Handbook, which is full…

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  • World’s Top Brands Head to San Fran for #ReelSummit Tomorrow

    … from Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove, Nextiva, among many others. This year's summit will be more like a series of seminars and less like a series of lectures. And that's also why the conversation on social media should be just as informative and compelling as the face-to-face conversation at the event. And anyone can leverage this - if they participate…

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  • 6 Awesome Rules for Successfully Funding Your Web Series

    … Originally I was going to write this guest post about ways for YouTubers to generate a mailing list but today I got a better idea. I was having lunch with a friend — let's call her Nancy — who asked me for advice on how to raise money for a new web series she wanted to produce. Nancy is no stranger to producing web shows. She has done it before…

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