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    • What Digital Video Trends Will Power #NewFronts 2017?

      The 2017 Digital Content NewFronts starts today ( Monday, May 1), and runs through Friday, May 12. At last count, there were a total of 36 presentations at various locations around New York City on the schedule. What can video marketers who get invitations to the invitation-only events expect to hear from the presenters? Well, as Winston Churchill once said, “It is a riddle, ...

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    • Top Ten Takeaways and Insights From #NewFronts2017

      This year, I attended about 10 out of the 34 presentations at this year’s Digital Content NewFronts. (Actually, I attended 11 – because The New York Times held two events, but it only listed one of them on the official IAB agenda.) By combining what I saw and heard with a quick review of the 629 articles about the 2017 Digital Content NewFronts, I believe that I’m in a fairly ...

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  • How Luxury Brands Perform Differently When it Comes to Online Video [Report]

    The explosion of social video has brought unprecedented opportunities for brands to reach their target audience, and raise awareness for their products or services. Many brands have fully embraced this opportunity, and are seeing extraordinary engagement from a multi-platform video strategy, but there are some verticals that have been a little more cautious when it comes to being social.

    Carla Marshall/ ReelSEO- 11 readers -
  • Memo to Big Brands: Declare Victory and Advertise on YouTube Again

    … business. Why? Because video marketers have decisions to make, pitfalls to avoid, jobs to do, and opportunities to seize. YouTube Ads and Brand KPIs So, let’s start by re-reading The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t. As Nate Silver observed back in 2013, “Companies that really get Big Data, like Google, aren’t spending…

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  • Which 2017 Super Bowl Ads Won Video Marketing’s Big Game?

    … Sports fans know who won Super Bowl 2017. It was the New England Patriots, who overcame a 25-point deficit in the third quarter to beat the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 34 to 28 in overtime. But, a week later, video marketers aren’t really sure which of the 2017 Super Bowl ads won the big game. Why? Well, the outcome kinda, sorta depends…

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  • What Will the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB Do Now That Vine Has Gone?

    … Okay, so everyone knows the Big Game in the NFL, Super Bowl LI, was just held on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017. But, only hockey fanatics know that the NHL All-Star Game was held back on Sunday, Jan. 29. Meanwhile over in MLB, baseball junkies like me know that pitchers and catchers don’t report for spring training until Sunday, Feb. 12. And hoop fans…

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  • Super Bowl Commercials Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Video Advertising

    … an exceptional video before everyone else is their social network. This explains why so many Super Bowl advertisers upload their digital video ads weeks BEFORE the Big Game. Understanding the social dynamics that occur whenever you invite a group of friends, family, or colleagues to come to a party to watch a tent-pole event on your big screen TV…

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  • How Red Bull Quietly Changed its Video Marketing Strategy

    … of all because, who stops doing what everyone else says is the right thing to do? And secondly, why has it taken so long for most video marketers to realize that this brand isn’t doing what it was once famous for doing anymore? That brand is Red Bull. Red Bull: Hero Video Marketers In the old days, Red Bull was known for its monster hits, like…

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  • The Top Trends and Insights for Video Marketing in 2017

    … Normally, I might take a look back at 16 of the most read, shared, and talked-about Tubular Insights posts of 2016. But, this wasn’t a normal year. And I’m not even talking about global news, important issues, and sporting events like the US election, the Brexit referendum, climate change, fake news, the Rio Olympics, or the World Series. Yes…

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  • Real vs Fake News: Which One Is Winning in the World of Online Video?

    … that month – behind BuzzFeed, which was #1, but ahead of BBC Worldwide, which ranked #14. NowThis Media was founded by Huffington Post alumni Kenneth Lerer, and Eric Hippeau. (I used to work for Hippeau back in the 1990s, when he was the Chairman and CEO of Ziff-Davis, which was the largest media company serving the technology sector.) In September…

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  • How Brands Can Make the Most Out of Christmas Video Marketing

    … Now, I know that most of the video ads that brands and agencies will launch for the holidays have already been shot, edited, reviewed, and approved, and they’re just waiting to be uploaded and published. But, it’s not too late to learn a few last-minute Christmas video marketing lessons from John Lewis, a chain of upmarket department stores…

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