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    • How to optimize for Google’s featured snippets

      Google featured snippets are an amazing opportunity for marketers to skyrocket above competitors on page one, increase page views, and boost conversions. But what is a Google featured snippet? And does this SERP manipulation really work? What exactly is a Google featured snippet? Chances are, you have seen a Google featured snippet while searching Google.

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    • 3 Tricks to Rank for Multiple Keywords Easily

      Normal SEO practitioners will start their projects with keyword research which is basically them looking for targeted keywords that fit their niche. Afterward, they will try to get ranked for their target keyword. Sound familiar right? Because this is what EVERYONE is already doing. Let me tell you a little-known secret: I bet you didn’t know that you can also rank for multiple ...

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  • Move Over Position 1, There’s a New Place in Town.

    … about how your site fulfils the user intent. If the user is at the heart of everything on your website then you will be rewarded no matter how big or small you are. Benefits of getting to position 0 Initially, it was believed that because featured snippets answer the user query immediately in the SERPs that this would impact click-through rates (CTR…

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  • What are featured snippets and how do I get them?

    … Rob Bucci, the CEO of STAT, delivered a fascinating talk at BrightonSEO last week about the mystery of featured snippets, using his observations after analysing one million queries. Here’s a round-up of the talk, featuring Rob’s advice on why featured snippets are important and how to increase your chances of obtaining them. What is a featured…

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