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  • 4 Things You MUST Have on Your Pricing Page

    … is Constant Contact. Each benefit uses language that highlights the advantages of the service tier. The phrase “expert advice from our team” could have been written “customer service.” By using the term “expert advice,” they are raising the perceived value of the service. It’s a unique and compelling way of expressing a rather standard feature. 3…

    Neil Patel/ The Daily Egg- 13 readers -
  • Quick Copywriting Tweaks Proven to Lift Conversions 30% or More

    … actionable tips on how to super-charge your conversion rate with small copywriting tweaks. 1. Talk More about Benefits, Less About Your Solutions All (good) businesses provide a solution to a problem — we exist, after all, to meet a need. But don’t assume people come to your site to be told what their problem is and how you are going to solve…

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  • 5 Tips For Writing Copy That Converts

    … “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.” – Shirley Polykoff Let’s think about that quote for a second. Too often, when we write copy for our products or services, we write to sell. That’s not to say we shouldn’t sell. The point is we write our copy from the point of view of the business, rather than the customer. When choosing…

    Sid Bharath/ The Daily Egg- 15 readers -
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