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    • PB170: 9 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out

      How to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out In today’s lesson I want to talk about blogger burnout and how to avoid it. Most bloggers start out blogging with an incredible burst of passion, excitement and energy with their blogging, but usually at some point within the first year or two, many bloggers come up against their first bout of blogger burnout.

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    • PB168: 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts

      Edit Your Blog Posts With Seven Simple Steps A lot is taught about the importance of writing great blog posts, but it is in the editing of your writing that your post can really be made to shine. If left unedited, it can create a very different impression that can hurt people’s view of you and your blog. In today’s episode, I want to share with you a simple 7 step process to editing your posts.

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  • PB165: Interview with Daniel Flynn – Thankyou Cofounder

    …An Interview with Daniel Flynn – Co-founder of Thankyou In today’s episode, we hear from Daniel Flynn, co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou a social enterprise that sells consumer products like water, nappies, hand sanitiser and much more here in Australia and soon to be New Zealand. They give 100% of their profits to end extreme poverty…

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  • PB164: 3 MORE Tips Productivity Tips to Help You Build Healthy Habits

    …3 MORE Tips to Help You Increase Your Productivity In today’s episode, I want to continue on from the previous episode and share 3 more thoughts on how to become more productive and build healthy habits around your blogging and in your life. While normally our episodes are designed as stand alone episodes this one really does build upon the last…

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  • PB163: 3 Productivity Tips to Help You Build Healthy Habits

    …3 Tips to Help You Increase Your Productivity In today’s lesson, I want to chat about how to be more productive in your blogging (and life) through building good habits and systems into what you do. It’s so easy as an online entrepreneur to slip into bad habits when it comes to using our time or to lead a life where we spend our time frantically…

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  • PB162: How Lisa Took Action and Built a Six Figure Business

    …How Lisa Corduff Took Action and Built a Six Figure Business In today’s episode, we hear from Lisa Corduff from lisacorduff.com in an interview that Karly Nimmo from Radcasters recorded at the ProBlogger event a few weeks ago. Lisa spoke at the event in one of our most highly rated sessions titled ‘Anyone Can Create an Online Product…

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  • PB161: 3 Things Most Bloggers Don’t Pay Enough Attention To

    … of the ProBlogger podcast. As I said, my name is Darren and I’m the blogger behind problogger.com. A blog, podcast, event, job board and series of ebooks all designed to help you to grow your audience and to make money from your blog. You can learn more about ProBlogger at problogger.com. In today’s lesson, I want to highlight three things that I see a lot…

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  • PB160: Challenge: How to Write an Opinion Post on Your Blog

    … into much more detail than that. A few last tips before you get into writing your piece of content or creating your piece of content if you want to do something that’s not written, that’s totally fine too. Firstly, include in your posts some reference to other people’s opinions. I actually really appreciate when someone is sharing their opinion…

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  • PB158: Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Get Moving Again

    …Feeling Stuck? How to Regain Momentum Are you feeling stuck with some area of your blogging or business life? If so, today’s episode is for you because I’m going to talk about getting unstuck and building momentum. What we are going to talk about today applies to many areas of life, but we are going to focus particularly on blogging and business…

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  • PB157: Perfection is a Fairytale – An Interview with Brian Fanzo

    …An Interview with Brian Fanzo – Perfection is a Fairytale Today, I have a great conversation to play for you. It’s a conversation that we recorded at the ProBlogger Event with our opening keynote speaker, Brian Fanzo from iSocialFanz. Brian is someone that I’ve admired for the last couple of years. I happened to stumble upon Brian on Periscope…

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  • PB156: Tips for Writing Great Blog Post Titles

    …11 Techniques for Writing Great Blog Post Titles Today, I’m going to talk about crafting the titles for your blog posts. This is such an important topic, and I can’t believe I haven’t done a podcast about it in the last 155 episodes. This is a topic I get asked about quite a bit. Get your title right and it will completely change the destiny…

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  • PB155: 5 Tips from Full Time Bloggers

    … readers.” “Blogging is never about one post, it’s your body of work that you’ll be known for,” said someone else. “Keep going, keep talking, keep taking consistent action no matter how small. You’ll be amazed in a year when you look back at how far you’ve come.” Someone else said, “Be consistent with the content you deliver. Be genuine in what you…

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  • PB154: How to Grow Your Blogging Income

    … hope that you find these observations and words of encouragement helpful. Further Resources on How to Grow Your Blogging Income How I Diversified My Blogging Income and Became a Full Time Blogger How to Make Money Blogging Full Transcript Expand to view full transcript Compress to smaller transcript view Hey there, it’s Darren from…

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