Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson is a city in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States. The population was 21,203 at the 2010 census.
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  • Inside the NY Times’ audience development strategy

    … affair. In the past, the Times’ social media team merely used Twitter to push out stories. MacCallum’s team has enlisted other social platforms in that effort, as well as search and mobile. During the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, for example, the social team worked with the national desk to share best practices with reporters. SEO looked at which…

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  • How HuffPo woos Facebook hoppers with personalization

    … far ahead of most publishers, which are still feeling their way through implementing similar technology on their sites. It’s a difficult endeavor, particularly for publishers with large bodies of content and high publishing metabolisms. Other early experimenters include Reuters and NPR, both of which have created products build around using reader…

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  • Facebook makes strides in breaking news, but still trails Twitter

    … of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the subsequent string of protests in Brown’s hometown of Ferguson, Missouri, relative to its nearest rival Twitter. While Twitter users were constantly being updated with the unrest in Ferguson, Facebook users were enjoying light-hearted Ice Bucket Challenge videos. Facebook was a major contributor to the so-called…

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  • 5 things we learned about Twitter in 2014

    …) into their mobile apps. That Twitter spent the year pointing out the ubiquity of tweets suggests that it hopes to some day figure out how to monetize its presence through other websites or in telecasts. And indeed, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo routinely spoke about one day monetizing that yet untapped reach. Exactly how that will be accomplished…

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  • Bing Reveals Top Searches for 2014

    … Ray Rice controversy Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri Ebola outbreak Brittany Maynard, Death with Dignity debate Ukraine conflict Stories That Moved Us Ice Bucket Challenge #BringBackOurGirls Gust Kenworthy and the Sochi puppies Birthday cards for 6-year-old Danny Nickerson Boston Marathon victim marries his nurse "Burger King baby" finds mom after 27…

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  • What Facebook’s new unfollow feature means for brands, publishers

    … about a publishers’ popularity than some objective definition of its worth. As the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, from earlier this year was essentially muted on the platform in favor of Ice Bucket Challenge videos, Facebook’s filter bubble can at times hide important stories. Many agencies execs welcomed the change, with Jill Sherman, DigitasLBi’s…

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  • Twitter’s third-party app problem

    … in Ferguson, Missouri, to the national forefront. Twitter has alluded to one day serving ads adjacent to tweets that appear outside of Twitter.com, although it hasn’t clarified how or when. It would seem TweetDeck would be the first place to start. That TweetDeck users are more rabid doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a more valuable subset of users…

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  • A Kickstarter for journalism enters the big leagues

    … they’re paying. The site has been used to fund over 150 projects so far, covering topics ranging from climate change, space exploration and the history of the prison system. Nearly 250 writers have signed up for the site since its launch, a big increase over the 28 it launched with. The money has been good, too: Beacon has shelled out $500,000…

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