Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson is a city in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States. The population was 21,203 at the 2010 census.
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  • Inside the NY Times’ audience development strategy

    … affair. In the past, the Times’ social media team merely used Twitter to push out stories. MacCallum’s team has enlisted other social platforms in that effort, as well as search and mobile. During the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, for example, the social team worked with the national desk to share best practices with reporters. SEO looked at which…

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  • How HuffPo woos Facebook hoppers with personalization

    … far ahead of most publishers, which are still feeling their way through implementing similar technology on their sites. It’s a difficult endeavor, particularly for publishers with large bodies of content and high publishing metabolisms. Other early experimenters include Reuters and NPR, both of which have created products build around using reader…

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  • Facebook makes strides in breaking news, but still trails Twitter

    … “filter bubble” in this respect. Facebook has since made a concerted effort since then to help users better discover and follow timely news stories. In September, Facebook updated its news feed algorithm so as to ensure users didn’t miss time-sensitive posts. The announcement never mentioned Ferguson factoring into the decision, but the timing…

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  • 5 things we learned about Twitter in 2014

    …) into their mobile apps. That Twitter spent the year pointing out the ubiquity of tweets suggests that it hopes to some day figure out how to monetize its presence through other websites or in telecasts. And indeed, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo routinely spoke about one day monetizing that yet untapped reach. Exactly how that will be accomplished…

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  • Bing Reveals Top Searches for 2014

    … years Waitress gets amazing tips in "Prank it Fwd" video Teen carries brother with cerebral palsy 40 miles Couple leaves $100 tip for overworked waiter NASA’s #GlobalSelfie Law & Disorder Letterman cue-card man fired Man sues McDonald’s over napkin Sexy mug shot goes viral 9-month-old arrested in Pakistan 98-year-old faces eviction in San…

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  • What Facebook’s new unfollow feature means for brands, publishers

    … about a publishers’ popularity than some objective definition of its worth. As the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, from earlier this year was essentially muted on the platform in favor of Ice Bucket Challenge videos, Facebook’s filter bubble can at times hide important stories. Many agencies execs welcomed the change, with Jill Sherman, DigitasLBi’s…

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  • Twitter’s third-party app problem

    …, Hayes said, but they’re still unmonetized. As Laundry Service president Jason Stein said, Twitter is losing inventory because of it, even if its revenue is growing. Image via Shutterstock The post Twitter’s third-party app problem appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • A Kickstarter for journalism enters the big leagues

    … a year ago, it has more recently entered the big leagues, with mainstream outlets like The Huffington Post and popular niche site TechDirt tapping the platform for funding. The Huffington Post, for example, used Beacon last month to fund its ongoing coverage of Ferguson, Missouri. Thanks to donations from over 628 backers, The Huffington Post was able…

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