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  • Facebook Updates Custom Audience Pixel: More Data

    … Featured Jobs News Director WAVY-TV 10/WVBT-TV FOX43 Norfolk, VA Portsmouth, VA Assistant Director, Education Digital Strategy Asia Society New York, NY Social Media Editor Van Winkle's New York, NY Director of Business Development Grain Digital New York, NY Media Supervisor (Freelance) 24 Seven (Media) New York, NY See more Jobs…

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  • Facebook Adds Daily Unique Reach Bidding Option

    … Facebook continues to quietly expand options available to its advertisers, this time introducing a new bidding type in Power Editor, daily unique reach. Reader Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital shared the screenshot above, explaining that the new bidding option is CPM-based (cost per thousand impressions), and ads are served once per day, per targeted user. Advertisers: Is this a helpful addition to your bidding choices? …

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  • Facebook Adds Ad-Targeting Options

    … Facebook recently added new options for ad targeting covering friends of certain groups and expats. Reader Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital shared the screenshots below, illustrating the following new targeting options: Advertisers: Are these new targeting options helpful? …

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  • Radius-Based Ads from Facebook?

    … Facebook appears to have quietly launched radius-based advertising, which allows local businesses to determine a radius surrounding their locations, after which the social network provides them with a figure of how many users they can reach. Readers Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital and Itay Shechter of SpreadIt shared the screenshots above…

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  • Facebook Adds Grid Tool to Ads Manager to Determine If Ads Violate 20 Percent Text Rule

    … Facebook added a grid tool to its Ads Manager to help page administrators determine whether their ads violate the 20 percent rule on how much text they can contain. Readers Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital and Itay Shechter of SpreadIt shared the screenshots above and below. The screenshot below reminds brands about the 20 percent text limit and contains a link to the grid pictured above, which helps determine whether ads are in compliance. Advertisers: Is this grid tool a helpful addition to Ads Manager? …

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: the ‘Average’ U.S. Facebook User

    There is no such thing as the average Facebook user, but play along with us: Fialkov Digital used Facebook's audience insights to paint a picture of Facebook users in the U.S. According to Fialkov Digital, the average U.S. Facebook user is likely to be: Female (54 percent). 25 through 34 (24 percent of women, 28 percent of men). Married (46 percent). College-educated (63 percent).

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