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    • What Can You Do With Video?

      I was recently asked to speak at Columbia University to a class of graduate students in sports management who were looking for advice on breaking into the industry. I have been lucky enough to work with Whistle Sports for the past three years, currently as our vice president of social media. When answering their questions, the main one I threw back at them was: What can you ...

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  • Top 3 Facebook Video Ad Formats for 2016

    … the captions will appear in the same place (bottom center) of your video. Captions should be used for speakers only- not to tell the story. Be sure to edit knowing that you’re going to use captions and titles. Captions can be added in post-production through services like Ciela-24. Always Choose the Right Ad Format These top three video ad formats…

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  • Videos Are Coming to the App Store: Tips for Marketers and Developers

    …, select your mobile device, and record the screen of that device. Worth noting: Yosemite and iOS 8 are required for this to work! To edit the videos, Apple suggests using iMovie. If you're showing an app in portrait mode, however, you will need to use something like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Camtasia since iMovie does not support…

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