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  • A Year In South East Asia

    …, not moving to America, moving back to Thailand, and so on. Last March, I sold (or gave away) 95% of my possessions and moved to Bangkok with my girlfriend and two small dogs. It’s been an amazing year. The best of my life. I didn’t really know what to expect. Our intention was to spend 12 months in Asia and ‘see how we felt at the end…

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  • ZeroPark Does Not Want Clean Ad Spend

    … I have had hundreds of campaigns rejected over the years; many quite rightly. Today marks the first time I have had a campaign rejected for the reason: “No monetisation” Yes, ZeroPark rejected a campaign because I had made no attempt to monetise the traffic that I was buying. There was a good reason for this lack of monetisation on my part…

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  • How 1 Weird Table Keeps Me Motivated in the Morning

    Affiliates have a daily scorecard. “Profit per day.” There are many ways you can track your progress in this industry. The one method that doesn’t lie is profit taken. The problem with measuring profit per day is that it exposes your morning ritual to one of two negative emotions: Complacency and impatience. A good day can breed complacency. A bad day can breed impatience.

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  • Dear Affiliate, Are You Made Out of Sheep?

    … any more. Forever the bridesmaid.) A tiny percentage of affiliates succeed in producing profit for both parties. They are the affiliates who understand the Value Chain. This post is to explain how you can become one of the lucky guys. The Problem with Optimising For Leads There are three main models you can use to make money. PPL — Get paid per…

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  • My First Month in Bangkok and Laser Eye Surgery

    … in to one 20kg suitcase to be exported to your new home on the other side of the world. It’s even more problematic with two very live dogs who are coming along for the ride. Alas, we have made it to Bangkok, and we have spent the last month settling in to our new home. Even the pups have adjusted to the searing heat: Before moving, people would…

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  • New Premium Posts, Plans for 2015 and Good Reads

    … Genovese or a room full of marshmallows. The mind doth start to play with its balls. Zero to One, by Peter Thiel, is the rare type of business book that stops you dead in your tracks. “Notes on Startups, or How to Build The Future” sounds like a bold strapline. If anything, it undersells. Thiel outlines the concepts that can make or break…

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