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  • My FUT Hair Transplant: The First 5 Months

    … the many case studies of FUE and FUT surgery. Within a few hours, my mind was made up: “Fuck it, I work from home, I can keep a low profile for a couple of months if need be…” So, I set up a consultation for the following week. And proceeded to read a thousand Before/After hair journeys like the one I’m posting now. Choosing the Clinic Bangkok has…

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  • My Experiences with the ‘Smart Drug’ Modafinil

    … This is a post about my experiences taking the popular ‘smart drug’ modafinil. I often see friends and marketing acquaintances posting about cognitive enhancers on Facebook. From smart drugs, to nootropics, to vitamin stacks… We’re all over that like pigs in shit. Modafinil is a small pill that is becoming difficult to ignore. I’ve seen…

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  • A Year In South East Asia

    …, life is good. I hope you all have a great 2016! Dominate Affiliate Marketing in 2015 "Get Finch's best tips, tricks, strategies and shortcuts." Download a FREE 40-page preview of Finch's bestselling 'Premium Posts: 2015 Edition'. Plus receive monthly private tips. …

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