Finch'S Tedious Rants

  • My FUT Hair Transplant: The First 5 Months

    … is attempting to break through the skin. Regardless, to reach ‘how I was before’ was a big thing psychologically. You can then get excited that it’s all ‘new hair’ from here. That shit you paid for when you signed up for the transplant. Typically, in keeping with my personality, I started to lose interest in the recovery as soon as I reached Day Zero. I…

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  • My Experiences with the ‘Smart Drug’ Modafinil

    … This is a post about my experiences taking the popular ‘smart drug’ modafinil. I often see friends and marketing acquaintances posting about cognitive enhancers on Facebook. From smart drugs, to nootropics, to vitamin stacks… We’re all over that like pigs in shit. Modafinil is a small pill that is becoming difficult to ignore. I’ve seen…

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  • A Year In South East Asia

    …, not moving to America, moving back to Thailand, and so on. Last March, I sold (or gave away) 95% of my possessions and moved to Bangkok with my girlfriend and two small dogs. It’s been an amazing year. The best of my life. I didn’t really know what to expect. Our intention was to spend 12 months in Asia and ‘see how we felt at the end…

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