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    • My FUT Hair Transplant: The First 5 Months

      Those who have seen me in the last 5 months, or seen my updates on Facebook, will have noticed a slight change in appearance. I’ve piled on 200 lbs and taken to smoking cigars. I’ve had a hair transplant. I know, I know. It’s not often you find affiliates posting about hair transplants. Probably because they have some sense, and/or know what a Flog is.

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  • A Year In South East Asia

    …, not moving to America, moving back to Thailand, and so on. Last March, I sold (or gave away) 95% of my possessions and moved to Bangkok with my girlfriend and two small dogs. It’s been an amazing year. The best of my life. I didn’t really know what to expect. Our intention was to spend 12 months in Asia and ‘see how we felt at the end…

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  • ZeroPark Does Not Want Clean Ad Spend

    … I have had hundreds of campaigns rejected over the years; many quite rightly. Today marks the first time I have had a campaign rejected for the reason: “No monetisation” Yes, ZeroPark rejected a campaign because I had made no attempt to monetise the traffic that I was buying. There was a good reason for this lack of monetisation on my part…

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  • How 1 Weird Table Keeps Me Motivated in the Morning

    … complacency. A bad day can breed impatience. Either emotion can have a ruinous effect on your decision making. And that’s why we should look beyond daily performance metrics if we want to stay motivated. One of the methods I use involves gamification and an imaginary league table. Hold on tight. This could get a little geeky. ‘League of Affiliates…

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  • Dear Affiliate, Are You Made Out of Sheep?

    …, right? They are one of the best CPA networks in the business. If you run any kind of mobile, dating or sweepstakes… then sign up an affiliate account, ca-ching. P.S. You can read 40 pages of Premium Posts 2015 for FREE by opting in to my monthly newsletter below: Dominate Affiliate Marketing in 2015 "Get Finch's best tips, tricks, strategies and shortcuts." Download a FREE 40-page preview of Finch's bestselling 'Premium Posts: 2015 Edition'. Plus receive monthly private tips. …

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  • My First Month in Bangkok and Laser Eye Surgery

    … of what I’ve been up to since the STM London meetup. (There’s a subtle clue in the title and header image.) A Skirmish in London Unfortunately, I only caught the first day of STM London. A cracking day it was, though. I’ve never seen so many affiliates in one building. Don’t get me wrong. There are larger affiliate events held around the world…

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  • New Premium Posts, Plans for 2015 and Good Reads

    …. The chapter covering adult dating alone is bigger than the entire Volume X (which was dedicated to it). I think you’re going to struggle to find a more definitive pillaging of the affiliate marketing industry as it stands today. Stand by for a lot of brain farts when it goes live on December 17th. In the meantime, here is something every affiliate should…

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