Findability is a term for the ease with which information contained on a website can be found, both from outside the website (using search engines and the like) and by users already on the website. Although findability has relevance outside the World Wide Web, it is usually used in the context of the web. Heather Lutze is thought to be the creator of the term in early 2000s. The popularization of the term "findability" for the Web is usually credited to Peter Morville.
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Focus Keyword

    … content will increase your findability. But how to choose the perfect focus keyword? Especially when you’re blogging and focussing on long tail keywords, it can be quite hard to decide which keywords to optimize for. In our view, there are at least three things you should do before writing an amazing (high quality) text. Choose a Focus Keyword…

    Search Engine Journalin How To's- 18 readers -
  • Is SEO Still Relevant?

    … friend Arnie Kuenn. Speaking of SEO, Arnie runs an SEO/SEM content marketing agency in Phoenix called Vertical Measures. Great guys. He’s a terrific author. I have been happy to work with him on a couple of books. You should definitely be following Arnie in social media. About Jay Today This video is from Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where…

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convertin Paid Search SEO YouTube- 16 readers -
  • The Search for Fashion: A Holistic Look at SEO

    … Utilize a clean, intuitive internal link structure Focus on ‘findability’ and the ease of delivering information where the user expects it In the apparel marketplace, there is a gap of understanding and, often, a fear of SEO. I often run into retailers who hesitate to work on SEO, worried that SEO strategy changes will be rendered useless…

    Sarah Johnson/ Acceleration Partnersin SEO Google- 6 readers -
  • Learning SEO From Google Employees

    … As should be the case with any SEO professionals, we’re constantly on the lookout for new information and ideas that can aid us in helping our clients improve their results. While at a recent event, we had the luxury of speaking with Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Far. The conversation sparked us into looking further into Google itself…

    Chris Marentis/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 36 readers -
  • User Experience Myth Or Truth: The Three-Click (Or Tap) Rule

    …, i.e. the page that gets the most “link juice.” One analogy I’ve seen and heard is a champagne-glass pyramid. According to some SEO professionals, “link juice” flows down into a website like the champagne flows down a champagne pyramid—the champagne glasses at the top of the pyramid get more champagne (“link juice”) than the champagne glasses…

    Shari Thurow/ Marketing Landin SEO- 20 readers -
  • How to Optimize Multi-Location Pages for Local SEO

    … Matter? Branded, optimized location pages are critical to increase your findability within local search queries. They provide the opportunity to out-rank the competition and provide a faster path to purchase for local consumers. Optimized pages include hyper-local, non-branded phrases as well as rich content such as pictures, videos, and customer…

    Search Engine Journalin Social SEO Google How To's- 9 readers -
  • Top 2015 B2B Content Marketing Tactics

    … your prospects seek. 22% of B2B marketers use podcasts. This audio content format is a content marketing opportunity. Follow top marketers like Mike Stelzner who’s been podcasting for a while. According to Pat Flynn, podcasting drove 20% of people to his blog via iTunes. Actionable content marketing tips: Be a guest on established podcasts. Dip…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin Social Content Facebook- 25 readers -
  • The temptation of the green bullet in WP SEO!

    … bullet does not lead to findability if the terms you optimize for are not the terms people use to search in the search engines. Fortunately, I came to my senses before my husband detected my cheating. It did make me wonder: if I am that susceptible to cheating the page analysis tool in order to get a green bullet in WP SEO, wouldn’t other people…

    Marieke Van De Rakt/ Yoastin SEO Google- 23 readers -
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