Findability is a term for the ease with which information contained on a website can be found, both from outside the website (using search engines and the like) and by users already on the website. Although findability has relevance outside the World Wide Web, it is usually used in the context of the web. Heather Lutze is thought to be the creator of the term in early 2000s. The popularization of the term "findability" for the Web is usually credited to Peter Morville.
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Focus Keyword

    … previews, a very related feature of the WordPress SEO plugin we wrote about earlier this year: As you can see the traffic is comparable, we know the search traffic to our snippet preview post is reasonably good, so we know it’s worth optimizing for. Using Google Trends to compare between your old focus keywords and the one you would like to choose…

    Search Engine Journalin How To's- 17 readers -
  • Is SEO Still Relevant?

    … a SEO firm could do that for you). But you also need that content to be found. We are going to see a massive increase in good content that gets ZERO eyeballs on it. Competition is going up and up and up. It’s about amplification and findability now, not just creating smart content. Sprout Social Shoutout Today’s Sprout Social Shoutout is for my…

    Jay Baer/ Convince and Convertin Paid Search SEO YouTube- 15 readers -
  • The Search for Fashion: A Holistic Look at SEO

    …, consider incorporating words that aren’t branded in a way that hinders organic search. Development In apparel, and fashion in particular, we often still find websites that are solely focused on making content look “pretty” and often, artsy. For example, take a fashion homepage with an artistic splash image, but no visible navigation or cues…

    Sarah Johnson/ Acceleration Partnersin SEO Google- 5 readers -
  • Learning SEO From Google Employees

    … is a summary of these two themes with some specific ways to achieve them. 1. Be Findable This might sound like a “duh” item, but it just cannot be stressed enough, in part because there may be so many different ways to ensure that a particular business is actually findable online. Some things that should be utilized to increase findability include…

    Chris Marentis/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 35 readers -
  • User Experience Myth Or Truth: The Three-Click (Or Tap) Rule

    … usability testing. For some time now, as I’m out in the world keeping up to date on the state of the art, I hear and read some user experience (UX) and findability myths that just won’t be put to rest. One of them is the Three-Click Rule. Have any of you heard about this website navigation guideline? What is the Three-Click Rule? The Three-Click…

    Shari Thurow/ Marketing Landin SEO- 18 readers -
  • How to Optimize Multi-Location Pages for Local SEO

    … its URLs and content from the start is referred to as a subdirectory or subfolder approach. From the root domain, brands or brand partners create local pages with a subdirectory strategy that hosts them at the same root domain. These pages would look something like this: An optimal subdirectory page has proper meta…

    Search Engine Journalin Social SEO Google How To's- 9 readers -
  • Top 2015 B2B Content Marketing Tactics

    … content marketing effectively. Actionable content marketing tip: Tailor your content marketing for each social media platform. To increase your content marketing effectiveness, adapt and optimize it for each social media site. 83% of B2B marketers use email newsletters. For many companies email is their communications lifeline. Use your housefile…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin Social Content Facebook- 23 readers -
  • The temptation of the green bullet in WP SEO!

    … bullet does not lead to findability if the terms you optimize for are not the terms people use to search in the search engines. Fortunately, I came to my senses before my husband detected my cheating. It did make me wonder: if I am that susceptible to cheating the page analysis tool in order to get a green bullet in WP SEO, wouldn’t other people…

    Marieke Van De Rakt/ Yoastin SEO Google- 21 readers -
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