Fitness Functions

A fitness function is a particular type of objective function that is used to summarise, as a single figure of merit, how close a given design solution is to achieving the set aims.In particular, in the fields of genetic programming and genetic algorithms, each design solution is represented as a string of numbers (referred to as a chromosome). After each round of testing, or simulation, the idea is to delete the 'n' worst design solutions, and to breed 'n' new ones from the best design solutions.
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    … website is the heart of your business why wouldn't you want to make sure it's ticking 24/7. Yes or yes? Does Apple have a breakout product in its smartwatch? - PC World Is the Apple Watch and wearable tech a game changer? Only time will tell. But the fitness functions embedded in an Apple Watch should erode the market for fitness wearables much like smartphones decreased demand for digital cameras,. Are you ready for Inbound?? The Lynton Corral will be there with bells (and cowboy hats) on!! …

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