Fitt'S Law

Fitts's law (often cited as Fitts' law) is a model of human movement primarily used in human–computer interaction and ergonomics that predicts that the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target. Fitts's law is used to model the act of pointing, either by physically touching an object with a hand or finger, or virtually, by pointing to an object on a computer monitor using a pointing device. It was proposed by Paul Fitts in 1954.
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  • 6 Characteristics of High-Converting CTA Buttons

    … a job. It’s free!” 3. They have logical placement. In keeping with Fitt’s law, a button must be placed in the path of a user. Notice how this happens in this simple example. I’ve added the arrow to draw your attention to the fact that the sidebar tracks a user’s read path from top to bottom, culminating in the CTA button at the bottom…

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